Credit for new teeth – now with immediate approval possible

Do you want to finally afford dental esthetics with a loan for new teeth ? A wish that the health insurance companies have not paid for a long time?

Special credit for the dental bill or really cheap? We do not advise you on a particular loan offer, but draw your attention to facts.

Credit for new teeth – benefits as a self-payer

Credit for new teeth - benefits as a self-payer

The offer to give credit for new teeth is the result of past health care reforms. For a long time, the health insurance no longer covers all costs for dental treatment or dentures.

Since there are very few people expect to do without dentures, although there is no savings, you finance the medical expenses on credit. If you pay yourself, you may of course choose much more freely which dental treatment takes place.

The classic bridge has often yielded to modern dentures with implants. Instead of a crown that actually destroys the tooth, veneers eliminate many tooth-preserving classic dental diseases.

The own contribution for the veneer corresponds to about the same amount as for the crown. It is therefore not worthwhile, even from a material point of view, to rely on “Stone Age” dentist treatment instead of state-of-the-art methods.

The bottom line is that it remains a zero-sum game in many dental diseases. Offers to grant a loan for new teeth come from the system of classical credit institutions, direct banks, the credit intermediation and special providers.

Credit tip – save interest

It does not pay to be content with a second-rate dentist treatment. Instead of sacrificing quality, it makes more sense to put the “thumbscrews” on the cost of borrowing.

Who does not compare, pays more. Depending on the loan amount, term and personal creditworthiness, the savings volume in the financing costs may be greater than to buy necessary dentures in the Far East.

Save on the interest and not on the quality.

Credit for the dentist – special loan briefly presented

Credit for the dentist - special loan briefly presented

However, the first loan offer to finance dentures and treatment costs is usually not from a bank. After all, patients express their concern that they will not be able to afford the financing of the dentist’s costs during the treatment consultation.

Many dental professionals meet the patient’s request for a loan for new teeth with a special loan offer. Benefits have the financing of affiliated doctors through special credit especially for the doctor.

He settles his services, as well as the services of the laboratory, directly from the lender. He does not have to wait long for his money.

For the patient, direct billing seems a welcome invitation to avoid “paperwork”. A rate calculator is available for individual credit calculation online.

Still, credit for medical purposes would still be classically mailed. Lending, in terms of credit check, is roughly equivalent to an average bank loan.

Unfortunately, the hope of being able to switch to a special loan for the dentist if the credit rating is bad or weak is dissipated. Without sufficient proof of credit also the special offerer grants no credit.

Credit comparison – Online credit versus dental loan

Credit comparison - Online credit versus dental loan

Money, unlike dental care, is always worth the same. Whether the credit for new teeth comes from the house bank, a direct bank or a specialist provider, does not matter for the purchasing power.

Crucial here are the financing costs. We compare 4500 USD loan requirement for new teeth, 48 months duration, between special credit and unrestricted on-line credit.

For the loan amount 4500 USD, 4 years term, the rate calculator of the special provider shows an annual percentage rate of 9.90 percent. .

Monthly would then be paid 115 USD installment. In total, borrowers pay back $ 4,500 credit for new teeth with $ 5,520.

That equates to pure credit costs of 1020 USD. A good benchmark would be the online loan of the EDF.

The bank finances the same loan amount, with the same term at the credit-independent APR of 3.49 percent.

In total, borrowers pay for 4500 USD credit, in 48 installments of 100.47 USD, thus only 4822.69 USD back. That corresponds to 322.69 USD financing costs.

Conclusion: Credit comparison – direct bank loan and special loan

The EDF offer from the affiliated loan calculator wins the credit comparison in two ways. The credit application with the EDF is more convenient and faster.

It can actually be paperless. If requested by videoident, the binding credit check can be made within 30 minutes of the application.

The EDF loan is probably already available on the account before any loan decision for the special loan has even been made. The second advantage of direct bank lending is the cost of borrowing.

The EDF loan can save 697.31 USD. This is probably more than the savings from Asian dentures.

Dental aesthetics despite weaker creditworthiness – bank credit

Dental aesthetics despite weaker creditworthiness - bank credit

Loans are no longer allowed to grant credit institutions as freely as they used to. The law obliges them to conduct a credit check at the end of which only a loan approval may be granted if the granting of the loan is considered to be “secure”.

Unfortunately, many citizens are aware of problems in obtaining sufficient creditworthiness. Self-employed people, on the other hand, find it difficult to prove a secure income.

Low-income borrowers can hardly skip the seizure freedoms and underpin their safe repayment ability. The necessary credit for new teeth of a bank remains possible, however, if additional collateral advocate lending.

The easiest way to bank credit in difficult circumstances is the help of a second, solvent borrower. Because, his good credit rating secures the credit.

Successful self-employed have been able to create valuable assets as reserves in the past. Real estate security lending overcomes the limits of lending despite difficult proof of income.

Credit for new teeth – without high credit hurdles from private

Credit for new teeth - without high credit hurdles from private

The legislator has exempted private lenders from the requirement to provide only proven secure credit. They are not considered “systemically relevant”.

Basically, private investors set the standards for lending themselves. Outside the family circle, obtaining a loan for new teeth from private sources requires a sound credit intermediation infrastructure.

There is no doubt that Creditend and Viloan have a good reputation for raising funds from private investors to borrowers. But, without rules, it does not work.

Both providers address the needs of lenders and borrowers without being disproportionately regulatory. As a result, a loan for new teeth may be privately viable, although banks do not endorse the request.

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