This would likely automatically terminate Northern Ireland’s membership of the EU customs union; placing the customs border where it should be and has been for over 100 years; as well as withdrawing the province from more than 800 EU regulations. In short, that would probably be the end of the Protocol. It would also likely drag the UK into a trade war with the EU. No one in their right mind wants war, not even war economically, but it is a war the UK should now welcome and fight.

Since 2016, the EU has been waging a geopolitical and economic war against the UK. He first tried to thwart the UK’s desire to leave.

When that failed, he decided to make the withdrawal conditions punitive.

It did so by arming the Irish border issue, refusing to recognize our sovereignty, insisting on violating our territorial waters and arming us heavily within its regulatory framework.

It did all of this partly to punish us for wanting to leave, partly as a warning to its other members and partly because the EU is inherently mercantilist.

He’s not looking for a level playing field in trading – he’s looking to tip the scales firmly in his favor.

For reasons well known to Theresa May and Boris Johnson, they both collapsed under the pressure. The terms of Ms. May’s deal were terrible and were rejected. Contrary to all the Tory Party protests to the contrary, Mr Johnson’s deal is almost as bad.

Indeed, given the pernicious nature of the Protocol, it is questionable whether there has really been an improvement in its agreement.

But now he has a golden opportunity to rectify his insanity.

It can do it simply by sticking to traditional Conservative Party ideology.

If Lord Frost holds on, the Protocol should die.

At this point, the EU will take action against the UK through the sanctions provided for in the trade and cooperation agreement.

So we should also end the ATT.

The ATT commits the UK to pursuing a future anchored in the EU regulatory framework on state aid, competition, jobs and the environment.

He put the UK in an economic straitjacket.

Technically we are outside the EU, but in reality we are still there.

The ATT engages the UK in the economic madness of net zero carbon by 2050 at a cost of £ 35 billion each year for 30 years.

This at a time when all eyes are on the UK’s debt level. Why punish the working class by increasing their national insurance contributions to raise £ 12 billion a year when this can be tripled by abandoning the arbitrary Net Zero target?

With his termination, Mr Johnson would be able to regain true conservatism and firmly bring the fight back to the EU.

He would be able to reduce regulations and taxes.

Regulations stifle small businesses, innovation and progress. Taxes prohibit investment. With the ATT, the direction of travel would be the controlled decline of the UK – that was the EU’s plan.

End it and we can once again become the agile trading nation that is our cultural heritage. We would be really free.

So stand firm Lord Frost and use your strength to allow Mr Johnson to finally deliver Brexit, liberate the UK and become the Liberal Tory Prime Minister the nation voted for in 2019.


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