An anti-Brexit protest will take place at a Conservative conference in Manchester in two weeks.

Pro-EU members of the Grassroots for Europe group will be coming from across the UK to ensure Brexit is high on the party’s agenda at the October 3 meeting.

One of the main demands of the protesters is a better deal with the EU, which would include a return to the single market and customs union and freedom of movement for workers.


Campaigners will also call for an end to the hostile environment for EU citizens in the UK, with physical proof of residence replacing the current digital-only system and legal guarantees for their residence rights.

According to Northeast Bylines, protesters will also call on the Tories to scrap the police bill.

While Tory delegates travel to Manchester on October 2, protesters are due to meet in St Peter’s Square in Mnachester on October 2 at 2 p.m.

Speakers are expected to talk about the negative impact of Brexit on various people, businesses and institutions.

“We are still European, we are still fighting”

EU activists will also organize a march to join in London on the occasion of next year’s Europe Day.

Adam Poole, 56, from Swindon, said the march is an opportunity for the pro-EU movement to tell the world: “We are still here, we are still European and we are still fighting”.

He said London’s economy: “It’s a simple statement: we are not gone and we are not going to leave and this is an opportunity for all of us to come together after the pandemic and celebrate Europe Day.

“It’s important to tell the current government and the rest of the leave campaign, Dominic Cummings and Nigel Farage, ‘You haven’t won anything, and it’s not over by far. We don’t think what you have done is right, we are not going to get over it and we will be here until we are back in the EU.

“Lives completely destroyed by Brexit”

Peter Corr, 41, from London, said London’s economy: “People’s lives are completely destroyed by Brexit and in my opinion all politicians are completely ignoring it. Every day we see these stories and have we seen Starmer or Davey talking about them?

“They just follow the same lines, they don’t talk about what we had in the EU, we should go back to what we had before.

He added: “I hope to draw attention to joining the EU because a lot of people think it’s unrealistic. But in my opinion, this is something that can happen now if there is political will because it hurts so many people every day.

“I don’t understand why politicians aren’t rushing into it, even if it’s just to get people’s votes, so if they don’t do anything about it, then I think we have to.”

Registrations are open until Saturday May 7, the scheduled date of the walk.

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