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New Delhi: Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates said on Saturday that governments around the world will need to help create markets to meet the goal of zero emissions against 51 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases. Gates said countries like India, which are closer to the equator, could face more impacts from climate change.

Speaking at India Today Conclave 2021, he said governments will need to help create markets to meet the goal of zero emissions from 51 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases.

“… so that even when electric cars are a little more expensive, buying that volume will bring the price down. So eventually the extra cost, what I call the green premium will be zero. That is. the idea that we have to do in all these areas for electricity, ”he said.

“Solar panels, at least during the day, that electricity, is actually cheaper than running a coal plant. So we have good examples where we got there, but I put the government in mind. list because building this new grid and moving this physical economy, their policies have to accelerate this to an almost artificial speed for it to happen.

“So you know, politics is at the top. But without innovation the cost, the sacrifice, that we would ask people to make is just way too great,” he said.

He said it is only through massive innovation that the world will be able to achieve the goal of zero emissions.

“Yes, but only through massive innovation are we going to be able to achieve this that will grow. And you know we have about 10 years to invent everything, and then about 20 years to deploy everything to achieve that zero-down goal. 51 billion “, he added.

He said rich countries have a special obligation to exercise their investment in innovation.

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