JERSEY CITY, NJ, January 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BlockFi, a crypto financial services company, is expanding its retail product lineup to include BlockFi Custom Yield (BPY), a portfolio product with flexible solutions tailored to each client’s financial goals, and BlockFi wallet (wallet), where customers can easily buy, sell, and store cryptos. BlockFi Custom Yield and BlockFi Wallet will be available in the coming weeks as part of a soft launch.

“BlockFi aims to bring crypto wealth management solutions to all crypto enthusiasts, no matter where they are in their crypto asset journey. The custom return and portfolio additions ensure that we can take support all segments of the crypto asset spectrum,” said Zac Prince, CEO and Founder of BlockFi. “To give an idea of ​​the rapid adoption of crypto, five years ago less than 50% of people had even heard of Bitcoin in the United States. Today, 90% of people have heard of crypto -currencies more broadly. Looking to the future, I’d bet that within the next five years, crypto assets will be the norm for a well-balanced portfolio.”

BlockFi Custom Yield
BPY is available worldwide to current and potential customers who commit at least 3 million US dollars in crypto assets lent on the BlockFi platform. These clients will have access to a premium onboarding experience and a designated client relationship manager to support their unique crypto asset needs. Benefits of this bespoke portfolio include traded crypto interest rates, competitive trading costs, term or open loan structure, customizable term length, and the ability to earn residual income to grow their wealth.

BlockFi Wallet
BlockFi Wallet is an easy new way to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Assets held in Wallet will not earn crypto interest and will be stored securely with industry-leading custodians. All business activity, credit card reward accumulation, and collateral transfers for loan products will occur in Wallet. Key benefits of a Wallet account include: no fees and no minimum balance requirements, the ability to trade crypto assets, seamless connectivity to other products on the BlockFi platform, top-notch customer support, automatically generated tax documentation for US clients, and secure asset storage.

BlockFi Custom Yield and BlockFi Wallet are the latest retail products available to BlockFi customers and enhance an already robust suite of crypto financial products, which includes BlockFi loan, BlockFi Interest Account, and the world’s first crypto-rewards credit card, BlockFi Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card.

About BlockFi
BlockFi is a new generation of financial services companies. Founded in 2017 by Zac Prince and Flori Marquez, BlockFi is building a bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial and wealth management products to advance the overall digital asset ecosystem for individual and institutional investors.

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