Loyalist activist Jamie Bryson has urged Boris Johnson’s government to ‘plunge the knife’ into the Northern Ireland protocol amid the anger of Northern Irish trade unionists and Brexit supporters across the UK. Mr Bryson said if the UK government had “drawn the sword and sharpened the blade” in negotiations with Brussels, it was time for Britain to act unilaterally to end the “constitutional absurdity” of the Brexit protocol .

Bryson told Express.co.uk: “I think the UK government has drawn its sword and sharpened the blade, but sadly it has yet to get it into the heart of the protocol.

“So I mean it’s a good start but it’s almost like a drunk man taking off his coat in a fight in front of a bar, I mean taking one step forward and two steps back screaming someone hold me back!

“I mean at some point you’re going to have to set it up or shut it down.

“I think we are getting very close to that period,” he added.

“I think some sort of potential solution would be equivalence of standards.

“But the bottom line is that the British government has imposed this injustice and this constitutional absurdity which they themselves accept in practice, therefore in essence withdrawing Northern Ireland from the British domestic market. “

Mr Byrson argued: “So the government is the one with the responsibility to find a way to solve this problem.

“But the main difficulty they have is that they have accepted this notion that there could not be as much as a CCTV between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, I want say what is it? I mean what other sovereign country in the world would say well due to a terrorist threat, we might not control our own borders. “

“So they want to take as much territory as they can and submit it to their empire, so to speak.

“This is the ultimate goal of the EU, so they are trying to grab Northern Ireland in their orbit.”

He added: “Irish nationalism and the EU goal are aligned because the Irish government and Irish nationalists want to take over Northern Ireland because they want there to be a united Ireland .

“The European Union wants to take over Northern Ireland because it wants an empire, so to speak, with open borders and economic and political union.”

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