Fortunately, Britons voted for Get Brexit Done and they did so overwhelmingly. Unfortunately our friends in Northern Ireland cannot get Brexit done because of the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Prime Minister must accept Brexit and trigger Article 16 of the protocol, or perhaps even go further and abandon the disastrous treaty for good.

The protocol unfairly keeps Northern Ireland in the EU single market (a customs union with the EU) and Britain is defined as a third country which is totally contrary to what I and the party conservative and unionist defend.

We are united as a United Kingdom, which includes Northern Ireland – we cannot betray the people of Northern Ireland.

The European Union has acted in bad faith since day one of the protocol, it has never been interested in a deal that works for both sides, it’s because more trade is being diverted to the Republic of Ireland, what benefits the EU

The EU never wanted the protocol to work and instead of making it a short-term temporary measure, it intends to keep it in place indefinitely.

The whole Brexit negotiation was infected from the outset with the deliberate distortion of the Belfast Agreement; what has happened is that the default position has been to view the agreement through the ‘Nationalist/Irish government principle of interpretation’.

Simply put, all ambiguities and constructive arrangements have been, and we are told they must be, resolved in favor of nationalism. It is unbearable.

Unfortunately, those who threatened to use violence if checks were carried out at the border were rewarded with checks in the Irish Sea, as this leads to more trade with the Republic of Ireland.

This is leading to a united economic island of Ireland and the Irish government sees this as an opportunity to create a politically united Ireland, we cannot allow this to continue.

We must act now on the Northern Ireland Protocol, we have had enough dithering, the EU has given us many reasons to trigger Article 16 and we should use this leverage to free Northern Ireland from worst situation of both worlds.

I think it is absolutely essential for the citizens of Northern Ireland that there is a speedy resolution of the protocol.

I welcomed the VAT cuts in the Chancellor’s spring statement, but unfortunately people in Northern Ireland will not feel this Brexit benefit as they are still subject to EU rules.

Anywhere else in the UK people wouldn’t put up with this and people in Northern Ireland shouldn’t be treated any differently than anyone else in the UK.

The trade disadvantages caused by the Protocol should also not be underestimated, I raised the issue of trade between Britain and Northern Ireland earlier this year during Questions on Northern Ireland.

I have called on the Minister to take urgent action by opposing the bureaucratic posturing of the European Union and ensuring that young oak trees can be freely traded between Northern Ireland and the rest of the Kingdom Kingdom for Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

I was pleased to hear that Minister Burns and his team are working hard with the Foreign Secretary and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to find a solution to this problem, but time is running out and we must act now.

We are a real United Kingdom, but protocol undermines that and it is essential that we close it as soon as possible, from Belfast to Basildon, from Rathlin to Romford, from London to Londonderry, from Strangford to Sunderland, we have a link deep across our islands and we should be united against the constitutional and economic discrimination of our fellow citizens.

As we reduce EU bureaucracy, the protocol has highlighted the fact that Brexit has not been completed in Northern Ireland. He is left behind and cannot share in the true benefits of regaining control.

The Prime Minister must show the same leadership he has shown recently and stand up to EU bullies.

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