In his latest newsletter “The Insider”, Archi-Remainer mocked the ongoing internal feuds within the Conservative Party. He said the Tories are divided between those “who want Brexit to mean another dose of Thatcherism and those who support more public spending to” level ‘Britain “.

The former New Labor minister went on to say that the former Brexit secretary Lord Frost had resigned “citing irreconcilable differences” with Boris Johnson.

And this despite his help negotiating the ‘hard Brexit’ treaty in 2019 that created the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol.

Lord Adonis went on to say that the government’s ‘Brexit Opportunities Unit’ had yet to produce anything worthy of merit.

He continued: “(He) has never discovered any real opportunity despite the rampage of every nook and cranny of No 10 and the Treasury, and which, according to a senior Whitehall source, is” leaderless and in limbo “afterwards. the departure of Frost.

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The chairman of Euromove, the UK’s largest pro-European organization, made the comparison in a tweet to its 158.3,000 subscribers.

He wrote: ‘I recently asked people what their main concern about Brexit was, and got over 1,800 (!) Responses. Here is a compilation of the answers …

“THE ECONOMY – Short-term economic shock, Long-term economic damage, Loss of jobs, Loss of existing trade agreements, Collapse of the pound.”

Lord Adonis then used this list to compare Brexit to appeasement, wondering if a worse policy had been seen since the 1930s.

“Just read this list.

“Has there ever been a policy worse than Brexit since the appeasement in the 1930s?

“Oh and on that point, this morning Johnson spoke to the far-right Prime Minister of Poland to enlist him against Ireland, France and Germany in the dispute over his own Brexit treaty!” OH MY GOD”