Caller Mike, who works in the clothing supply business, explained that post-Brexit red tape meant his regular Polish supplier was struggling to ship products to him from the European Union. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Mike said: “I work for a clothing supply company and we have businesses all over the UK. I have to admit we haven’t had a lot of issues, I am happy to say so.

“I always see being in business as a challenge, having been in business for over 30 years you see it coming and going.

“You have problems all the time, you just have to fight.

“People say it’s because of Brexit. Whatever problem arises, you have to fix it.

“Trying to do business with Europe now is getting harder because since Brexit they put more obstacles in the way and last week a Polish supplier couldn’t get the product we ordered even if we have already ordered it.

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“He said the problem was with imports and exports and he didn’t want the hassle.

“In the end, I got fed up with him and contacted a supplier in China.

“Within 48 hours I had the product sorted and it will be delivered next week.”

It comes as Brexit Minister Lord Frost has hinted that action on Northern Ireland’s Brexit deal could be taken by Christmas, as he called for “short and intensive “with the EU to start quickly.

“I hope that might change over the next two weeks or so. However, that needs to be resolved, one way or another, whether through negotiations or through Article 16,” he said. he said at a side event organized by the Policy Exchange think tank.

“We need a short, intensive, good faith discussion process that takes place fairly quickly, and as we come out of it we will know whether or not a deal is possible – and if not. not possible, we will obviously look at Article 16.

“But we have to try everything. We have to show that we have tried everything and we have to see if it is possible to agree on something.”

The Conservative peer was asked if the issues surrounding Article 16 could be resolved by Christmas.

“Will it be over by Christmas? I think something will be over by Christmas,” he replied enigmatically.


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