Robert Taylor, outlined a five-step plan writing for last week, which explored the steps Rejoiners could take to re-enter the EU should Prime Minister Boris Johnson lose power. He suggested that if Mr Johnson was ‘so discredited that he had to leave office’, a remnant such as former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt could take power and begin to ‘steer Britain inexorably towards a closer relationship with the EU”.

He said that under a remaining leader, the UK could consider joining the EU’s single market and customs union and also negotiate the withdrawal agreement.

He argued that then the UK could apply to join the EU as a “slow speed” country in the outer ring.

After just two years of formal separation, this would end Britain’s independence from the EU.

Mr Taylor added that Lord Adonis – a Labor peer who served under Tony Blair – is confident Britain will join within 10 years.

Former Conservative Chancellor George Osborne has claimed Brexit has “done a lot of damage to the UK economy” and the UK could join it within 20 years.

He told LBC earlier this week: “Politics cannot defy reality… it is not unimaginable in 20 years to have a set of economic arrangements with the EU that are not too far removed from the economic arrangements that we had when we were in the EU.

“In many ways, the people I respect the most are Brexit supporters who say Brexit has an economic cost, but it has other benefits, such as parliamentary control and sovereignty over our borders.

“What was nonsense and what remains nonsense are people saying that Brexit was a great economic decision for the benefit of the British economy or a great act of free trade.

“It was the greatest act of protectionism in British history, and only now, now that it’s been fully implemented, is it becoming clear, and that’s why free trade with Europe must be a priority for any government in the coming years.”

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This follows Labor’s rejection of claims they seek to join the EU’s single market and customs union.

Shadow Justice Minister Anna McMorrin said earlier this month that Labor would “at least” join these trade blocs once in government.

She added that the current Brexit deal “definitely” needed to be renegotiated and suggested a path could be charted to fully join it.

A party spokesman said Ms McMorrin had been quizzed by Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer and reminded of her responsibility as shadow minister.

She retained her trial role after a statement was issued expressing support for the official party line and that Labor was committed to working with existing Brexit deals.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Johnson taunted her when she said he ‘has to go’ while challenging him over the cost of living.

Mr Johnson replied: “I read the other day that she wants to go back to the single market and the customs union.

‘If this is the real policy of the Labor Party, to return to the EU, why does the Leader of the Opposition not admit it?’

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