BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese company Brii Biosciences said on Sunday that laboratory studies showed that its COVID-19 antibody cocktail retained activity against the Omicron variant, although one of the antibodies showed a substantial drop in activity when tested alone.

Details of the test for the double antibody treatment, which last week became the first COVID-19 antibody cocktail approved in China, would not be available until publication in a scientific journal, but the results of three independent laboratories have showed a similar pattern, said Hong Zhi, general manager of Brii. said Monday.

Although no purchase order for the treatment has been announced, the company was able to secure a manufacturing capacity of 1 million doses for 2022 and 2023 each, Hong said on an appeal to investors, adding that she already had about 80,000 doses in her inventory.

Hong said the company hopes to receive storage orders for the antibody combination. “These are very important to us as a small business in order to truly manage our cash flow while dealing with a public pandemic.”

The company, which has yet to disclose an in-house production capacity for the drug, is partnering with WuXi Biologics on manufacturing.

(Reporting by Roxanne Liu and Ryan Woo)