This decision was made due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the increasing risk of incidents requiring medication.

CHARLOTTE, NC – A Charlotte-based international drug distributor is increasing its inventory of a drug in Europe that helps treat radiation and chemical exposure.

Tanner Pharma Group has announced it is increasing inventory of Leukine with the drug’s owner, Partner Therapeutics, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the potential for incidents that may require rapid deployment of the drug to treat people.

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“In response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Tanner is supporting preparedness and response in Europe by increasing local inventory of Leukine that can be rapidly deployed in response to an emergency,” said Banks Bourne, CEO and Founder of Tanner Pharma. , in a press release. statement provided on March 24. “The unique efficacy of leukin, which has been shown to improve survival when given within 96 hours of radiation exposure and without whole blood transfusion, makes it a highly effective countermeasure. with significant logistical advantages in the event of a nuclear detonation. Positioning more supply in Europe ensures that more leukine is available quickly, if needed.”

Leukin was approved by the FDA in 2018 as a way to treat acute radiation syndrome and has been restricted in the United States since 2013.

According to the FDA report, “Leukin has been shown to increase survival when administered up to 48 hours after exposure to total body irradiation at doses expected to be lethal for 50% of exposed subjects in minimum supportive care conditions”.

A press release provided by the company also mentioned that the drug had been used to help treat some victims of the nuclear accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986.

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Steve Scalia, Chairman of Tanner Pharma Group, spoke with WCNC Charlotte on April 4 and mentioned that currently Leukine does not have marketing authorization in Europe.

He said Tanner Pharma has the ability to use special access permits, much like an emergency use authorization (EUA), to be able to distribute the drug in Europe as long as it is closely monitored.

“We all try to do what we can,” Scalia explained. “We are fortunate to have built a company with a heart in the right place. We try to make things better for people, especially in markets where drugs are not available. This example of Leukine in Europe n This is just one example of the many programs we have, where we try to bridge that gap between demand and supply, and provide access to people in need.”

Scalia said some of the impacts of the Russian invasion could ripple through not just Ukraine.

“We see this as a regional deployment,” he added. “Some of the inquiries are not limited to Ukraine’s borders.”

Tanner Cares, a program offered by the company, takes a portion of the proceeds raised by the company which is reinvested in monetary and medicinal donations that can be provided to help areas. Scalia added that the company was also working to help deal with the ongoing refugee crisis caused by the invasion.

Scalia and Bourne grew up in Charlotte. The society’s president said seeing the unity of the community in supporting Ukraine and others was no surprise.

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