OSAGE BEACH, Mo. (KY3) – Missouri Governor Mike Parson says there is no shortage of COVID-19 testing in the state, but many are struggling to find a test.

If you are looking to take a COVID-19 test at home because you are sick or need it for travel or surgery, you might be out of luck. Some local clinics, including locations in Osage Beach, are lacking testing. Other locations may have long wait times due to demand.

Governor Parson says there is a stockpile of COVID-19 tests.

“We have stored tests and tests, and we still have them, and we are going to use them,” Governor Parson said Wednesday. “There is no shortage of tests in this state. We have the test here and have been preparing for it for a long time.

KY3 asked the governor’s office where the tests are located. We were told they were in the warehouse of the state emergency management agency.

KY3 searched a few places around the Ozarks on Thursday to see where the tests were available.

CVS in Lake Ozark did not have an appointment for rapid tests, but did have an appointment for PCR tests early Thursday.

We checked out Walgreens. He was showing a few dates at Osage Beach, but didn’t say how many.

When it comes to home testing, a lot of places are sold. A Walgreens in Lebanon did home tests for over $ 100.

The cheapest were sold out.

Tessa Curtis went to Walgreens in Osage Beach to get her son tested for COVID-19. She says it took a while to be able to take a test.

“To find one, it took me about a day of phone calls to find one that could get us in in about a week. To participate in this COVID test, I had to schedule this one specifically for a week, ”Curtis said.

Once there, it took some time for the test to be done.

“I stood in line at 11:15 am and didn’t give him his test until 11:50 am. So I was just over 30 minutes away, ”Curtis said.

The Missouri Department of Health and Aging Services sent KY3 the following message about COVID-19 testing:

“In May, the State started to offer Free home test kits for Missourians. From the start of this program until December 29, only 6,500 kits have been ordered. This morning, the program reached 15,000 orders in December alone. After a temporary break in availability, the kits are again available through this online ordering system. These kits will be offered as long as federal funding allows. “

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