ZAGREB, March 16, 2022 – Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Croatian citizens have been spending HRK 160 million more per week than before the war, the daily Večernji List reported on Wednesday.

Last week’s taxed retail turnover was about HRK 2.7 billion compared to HRK 2.54 billion per week in the weeks before the war. That’s a jump of 6% on the week and such a sudden increase only occurs on holidays or in extraordinary situations. The war that shocked all of Europe is certainly one of these situations and it created fears of shortages, which is why citizens began to stockpile, also doing so in an attempt to avoid unwanted price increases. .

Agriculture and food industry consultant Zvjezdana Blažić explains that the increase in turnover is undoubtedly due to storage but also to consumers trying to avoid price increases caused by market disruptions nationals and foreigners.

Yearling beef prices rose 20-27% on the year while beef prices rose 12.5%, lamb 12% and pork around 10%. Poultry prices increased by 8.5% to 30% while vegetable prices increased by 20%, Blažić explained.

She pointed out that it is difficult to keep an eye on prices as they change every week, so the effect of reduced VAT on certain products is not entirely clear, with some retailers having reduced VAT before. even the April 1 deadline.

“Every member of the EU wants to increase their strategic stocks and retailers are probably increasing their orders, and speculation is playing a big part in that. I don’t see if the rush for goods is as noticeable at the moment as it is. was at the start. about ten days into the pandemic and lockdown. I haven’t seen people overloading their shopping carts and we don’t know yet what will happen in a week or two, nobody knows,” said the head of the Croatiastočar organization representing breeders, Branko Bobetić, said.

Since Croatia is not self-sufficient in any category of meat, further disruptions in supply chains will cause meat prices to increase further, and fish prices have also increased, the Večernji List said.

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