A Holyoke man arrested Friday faces federal charges after investigators say he illegally possessed multiple unregistered firearms and conversion devices that allowed a firearm to function as a machine gun.

Daniel A. Augusto, 56, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Springfield for unlawful possession of machine guns, six counts of unlawful possession of unregistered firearms and one count of making false statements to the FBI, according to United’s office. States Attorney Rachael Rollins.

He is scheduled to appear in federal court in Springfield on Friday afternoon.

“Guns are deadly weapons. There are strict licensing and registration requirements for firearms,” Rollins said. “We believe that Mr. Augusto not only illegally possessed numerous unregistered firearms, but also possessed a stockpile of machine guns and conversion devices capable of causing rapid death and destruction.”

Federal investigators said Augusto possessed a range of firearms, more than three dozen firearm conversion devices classified as machine guns under federal law, and multiple magazines and silencers — all unregistered.

His stock included a rifle with a modified machine gun trigger, 38 Glock machine gun conversion devices, and several other firearms.

In a conversation with the FBI on Feb. 23, federal officials said Augusto told agents the guns at his home belonged to his son and girlfriend and that he did not ask them for information. buy weapons in his name. Those statements were false, the FBI said.

If convicted, Augusto faces up to 10 years in prison.

“Gun laws are in place for a reason,” Rollins said. “The conduct alleged here is very serious.”

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