The Department of State Services has filed a referral request with the Federal High Court in Abuja, asking the court to set aside bail previously granted to four of the 12 detained associates of the Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho.

In petition No.FHC / ABJ / CS / 647/2021, filed Monday by DSS lawyer Idowu Awo, the secret police urged Judge Obiora Egwuatu to rescind the bail granted to Amudat Babatunde, Abideen Shittu, Jamiu Oyetunji and Bamidele on Sunday.

The DSS lawyer urged the court to place the four detainees in pre-trial detention “pending their appearance during the judicial recess.”

In response, the detainees’ lawyer, Pelumi Olajengbesi, said The punch that the DSS’s request for pre-trial detention was “laughable”.

“We have seen the new demand filed by the DSS to continue the incarceration of innocent people who have been detained for more than a month. It’s laughable and upsetting the logic that after more than a month in DSS detention, the DSS still needs more days to punish them. I can assure you that will fail, ”he said.

The punch previously reported that Judge Egwuatu last Wednesday admitted the 12 applicants on bail after spending five weeks in secret police custody, following their arrest on July 1, 2021, at Ibadan’s residence in Igboho raided by DSS agents around 1 a.m.

Secret police also said they killed two other associates of the activist in a gun duel and later said Igboho was wanted for allegedly stockpiling weapons in order to destabilize Nigeria under the pretext of the Yoruba nation. But the activist, who is now in a Beninese detention center, denied the allegation.

The DSS lawyer had told the court that he did not oppose the release on bail of eight of the applicants, as their investigations revealed that the levels of their involvement in the offense of stockpiling and other criminal activity was minimal.

But the DSS lawyer had argued that four others, Babatunde, Shittu, Oyetunji and Sunday, should not be released on bail in the interests of justice and national security.

Olajengbesi, however, asked the court to reject the DSS’s argument as it was unknown to Nigerian law. Judge Egwuatu ignored Awo’s argument and granted bail to the 12 detainees.

However, the bail of the 12 detainees suffered a setback last Friday when their lawyer, Olajengbesi, said he went to the court surety office and learned that the court required 24 sureties, which , according to him, was in contrast to the four bonds requested earlier. by the court.

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