Residents across Ireland are encouraged to report if they see anyone starting to collect bonfire material in the run-up to Halloween.

Last year, the number of bonfires naturally declined amid Covid restrictions, and with the full easing of measures just a week before Halloween celebrations, an increase in nighttime open fires is on the rise. expected.

The public is encouraged to think about the microtrauma associated with these fires in our health care system, which can delay a genuinely sick person from seeing doctors at night and after.

Dublin City Council spokesperson Catherine Brophy told Newstalk Breakfast this morning: “It has become quite a difficult situation in recent years because the level of stocks has increased.

“The number of bonfires over the past ten to 15 years has dropped dramatically and this is due to the resources put in place by Dublin City Council.

“Bonfires in this country are illegal, as you probably know, but that doesn’t stop volunteer groups from going out and doing a significant amount of storage before Halloween.”

Catherine described a case two years ago where she came across a huge stock in a vacant house.

Dublin City Council calls on public to report ‘bonfire stocks’

Collectors were storing around 200 tires upstairs and around 200 or 300 pallets downstairs in the house, which she said presented “a significant risk to life alone” as well as horrific effects on air pollution. .

They are now urging people to contact the Dublin County Council line if you spot stock in your area, and nationwide you should check your local council’s website for contact numbers.

Ahead of the Halloween season, Dublin City Council also issued the following guidelines for managing and preventing bonfires this year:

  • If you see materials such as pallets, tires, and old furniture collected before Halloween, contact your local authority.
  • Don’t leave material lying around that could be mistaken for a bonfire
  • Do not facilitate bonfires or illegal fireworks on or near your home or property
  • Contact the local authority if you see a campfire being built or lit near buildings, trees, overhead cables, underground utilities, or parking lots
  • Explain the dangers of fireworks and illegal bonfires to children and teens
  • Keep a safe distance from bonfires and fireworks
  • Make sure all costumes worn as fancy dress are CE marked as flame retardant
  • Don’t wear disguises near bonfires
  • Use LED candles instead of regular candles whenever possible
  • Stay with your children during “a trick or a treatment”
  • Keep hazardous substances such as oil, gasoline and diesel away from fires or fireworks
  • Do not light a fire with gasoline
  • Parents, businesses and households do not provide any materials for bonfires
  • Do not buy, use or provide fireworks
  • Keep animals indoors on Halloween night

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