X-Men’s Storm has just been crowned Regent of Arakko and Voice of Sol, making her the representative of the entire solar system in galactic matters.

Warning: spoilers ahead for SWORD # 8!

As one of the X Menthe most powerful members of, Storm has proven herself time and time again as a vital Earth Defender, but she just became something more. Now, thanks to recent events, including the terraforming of Mars, Storm has become one of the most important people in the Marvel Universe, and fans can see why in SWORD # 8 – written by Al Ewing with illustrations by Guiu Vilanova, colors by Fernando Sifuentes and letters by Ariana Maher – on sale now in print and digital.

Recently, the X-Men terraformed Mars, relocating the former mutant population of Arakko there and renaming the planet accordingly. A key player in terraforming and respected by the population, Storm was named Arakko’s first regent, taking a central place in her ruling council, but most importantly, she was also named the voice of Sol. Marvel’s mutants ended up pretending to be inferior to humans and officially named Arakko the capital planet of the solar system, replacing Earth in terms of galactic importance. This coincided with the successful storage of mysterium by SWORD, a material that was used to stabilize the galactic economy, boosting the reputation and power of the solar system. Sure enough, Storm has just become the highest figure in the entire solar system, the strongest she has ever been.

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Storm presided over all of this and went to court with, and beat, people like Doctor Doom. Of course, she’s not a tyrant, and Krakoa, Arakko, and Earth are still complex political entities, in which she is the most important but far from the only actress. In reality, SWORD # 8 shows that the people of Arakko are determined to test their new regent, challenging her to “The seat of everything around us” on the Great Ring of Arakko. After facing a brutal challenger, Storm calls Tarn the Uncaring of the Great Ring, who recently attacked the mutants of Earth against his orders. They enter the perilous circle, where Tarn uses his powers to nullify Storm’s mutant abilities. Undeterred, Storm brings her blade to Tarn’s heart and threatens to kill him. Tarn doesn’t believe her, but Storm holds on, and Tarn gives in, cementing Storm’s place on Arakko and Tarn’s hard-earned respect.


Tarn isn’t a villain to be laughed at – he can alter DNA with his mind and even has his own version of Galactus, the Amino Fetus. Yet Storm, even helpless, was able to force him to submit to her. Over the past several months, Storm has helped launch Arakko and the Sol System onto the galactic stage. Storm strives to be a good and righteous ruler of an unknown land, leading her to make tough decisions, and fighting the Tarn is one of them. By dealing with Tarn the way she does, Storm sends a message to the rest of Arakko – a society she knows only respects strength.

Storm Regent Voice of Sol X-Men

Since its first appearance in the monument in 1975 X-Men giant size # 1, Storm has been a mainstay of the team, serving as the leader on several occasions. An Omega-level mutant with the ability to manipulate the weather, Storm has served the X-Men with distinction time and time again. Because of this, Storm is practically synonymous with the X-Men, but she’s now forging a path as a solo hero, and she’s more powerful and respected than ever. At a time when everyone from the X Men to the Avengers has never been so powerful, Storm surpasses the other Heroes as the voice of the entire Solar System – including Earth and Arakko – and the role fits him like a glove.

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