BEIJING, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Quhuo Limited (NASDAQ: QH) (“Quhuo” or the “Company”), a leading platform in the concert economy of China, today announced that its hospitality-focused subsidiary, Lailai Information Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (“Lailai”), has signed a comprehensive strategic partnership with Gemeite Technology Co., Ltd. (“Gemeite”) to enable flexible employment and achieve efficient workforce deployment in the field of property management services.

The cooperation marks the transformation of Quhuo’s strategy from B2B to 2-Family (B2F), which also reflects Quhuo’s diverse business acumen. Both parties will actively build a community service brand with the aim of becoming the premier operator for owners within communities, while simultaneously supporting from China growing trend towards flexible employment.

The agreement was signed at Lailai Shenzhen head office by the CEO of Lailai Luo Haizhou and Managing Director of Gemeite Yan Zheheng. Under the agreement, Quhuo and Gemeite will work hand-in-hand with property management companies to establish a community household service system – Laizhenge – that takes advantage of Quhuo’s vast workforce platform. , a technology-driven employment management system and personalized services. The two sides have served leading property management platforms such as Changcheng Property and are expected to cover more than 10 million homes. The partnership is currently underway in Tianjin and Changsha, two of the largest concert economies in the country.

While the real estate market is booming with service personnel, the industry still faces a challenge in matching the workforce to the growing demand. The lack of standardized service products for property management is hampering market growth and causing inconvenience for property owners. In collaboration with Gemeite, the Quhuo hotel business aims to fill this gap by offering a one-stop ‘service supermarket’ that allows individual communities to access a platform of services, from cleaning to housekeeping. , through maintenance, among others. Owners and residents can place orders through the platform and access a variety of service providers while benefiting from reliable, transparent and best-in-class solutions.

Quhuo’s smart system combines food delivery, line transportation, cleaning and homestay workers with community service orders based on location, skills, time available, age, sex and more. By providing services based on the needs of community and family life services, Quhuo can further maximize the value of its flexible employee network. Cooperation with nationwide property managers enables Quhuo to take advantage of its vast resources and provide large-scale services to all from China big cities.

Quhuo is a gig-saving platform that offers multi-scenario work solutions for from China large-scale service industries. The platform has more than 60,000 employees and the company has established cooperative relationships with enterprises in 122 cities nationwide. On average, it places over 1.3 million life service orders to nearly 3 million users per day. With service locations across the country, Quhuo offers access to a large talent pool as well as significant competitive advantages, through its flexible model of allocating concert economy workers to a given region.

“Quhuo is driven by an ambitious vision, and this partnership with Gemeite will take both sides to even greater heights. Working closely together, we will establish a one-stop-shop neighborhood “service supermarket” and partner with property management companies across the country. In addition, our vast service network, our integrated online and offline service model and our cross-brand links allow us to create a true ecosystem of daily life services across a wide variety of scenarios. odd-job economy – making it more efficient by improving labor allocation and opening up new opportunities for workers, ”said Luo Haizhou, CEO of Lailai, the subsidiary of Quhuo specializing in hotel services .

The cooperation between Quhuo and Gemeite is a significant step forward for Quhuo’s flexible and multi-scenario employment model. In the future, Quhuo will continue to integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chain, advance the development of the concert economy ecosystem, and bring its innovative model to a wider range of industries.

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Quhuo Limited (NASDAQ: QH) (“Quhuo” or the “Company”) was the largest workforce operational solutions platform in China 2019 share. Quhuo’s platform helps its industry clients to mobilize a large team of workers and uses a combination of training, performance monitoring and development, and incentives to turn them into skilled workers who can undergo performance procedures. industry-specific, standardized and highly efficient service. Within the on-demand consumer services ecosystem, the Company plays a unique and indispensable role as the link between consumer service businesses and end consumers to enable the delivery of goods, services and experiences. to consumers.

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