The Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service is urging people not to store fuel because of the dangers it poses.

There follow days when people panic buying gasoline and diesel in response to concerns that a shortage of truck drivers could affect forecourt supplies.

People have been seen filling water bottles, cans and other containers in the dashboard for pumps to ensure their fuel supply does not run out.

But the fire department is asking people to refrain from doing so because the fuel poses a significant fire hazard.

Panic buying in the region has left many stations with little supply or with them completely depleted. Credit: ITV News

“We advise people not to store fuel and buy only what you need. Storing fuel at home or in your car can be a fire hazard,” a spokesperson for the department said. .

“If you store fuel at home, please do so safely and follow our advice.”

Tips for staying safe with gasoline

  • Do not smoke near where your gasoline is stored.

  • Make sure the container is tightly closed.

  • Always decant fuel in the open (not inside a garage or shed).

  • Use a pouring spout or funnel.

  • If clothing is splashed with fuel, change it immediately.

The fire department said the gasoline vapor can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat, and in confined spaces, it can cause dizziness and unconsciousness.

He also urged people to avoid swallowing gasoline or diesel as if it could be fatal.

The service says it has enough fuel to keep its devices operational. But watch the situation. Credit: ITV News

The fuel industry has sought to reassure motorists, saying he expects the panic buying of gasoline and diesel to decrease, adding “there is a lot of fuel”.

Army tanker drivers are also on standby to deliver fuel to where it is most needed and reassure supplies remain strong, the government said.

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