The ministry advised them to approach the central bank directly, instead of waiting for the ministry to speak a good word on their behalf.

The Commerce Ministry refused to provide any kind of support for the controversial Alesha Mart e-commerce platform to secure a loan of Tk 300 crore from the Bangladesh Bank.

In a letter sent on December 15 to the director general of the platform, Manjur Alam Sikder, the ministry advised them instead to speak directly to the central bank, instead of waiting for the ministry to say a good word on their behalf.

The ministry’s letter was in response to a request Alesha Mart sent earlier this month, where the e-commerce platform asked for help in availing the loan for working capital.

The Commerce Ministry cannot provide such support using central bank loans, the letter said.

Alesha Mart officials could not be reached for comment at the time of filing of this report.

In her December 2 letter, Alesha Mart requested the ministry’s assistance in helping to settle debts to customers and continue to operate her business.

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In their letter, also citing its transactions worth Tk 1,400 crore over a six-month period, the platform claimed that it needed a loan against the necessary collateral including a decimal land mortgage of 3,000 for working capital, citing unforeseen problems in its plan to become the market leader in 2030.

The platform suspended operations on December 1, saying it was forced to take security concerns into account as some people broke into Alesha Mart’s office and even resorted to violence.

“We are forced to make the trip because a group of people assaulted some of our staff. They were not our customers, and no payment was scheduled for them. adequate security will be ensured, ”read a press release. publish on the platform’s official Facebook page.

Launched on January 1 earlier this year, the Alesha Holdings Ltd subsidiary claimed that unlike rogue e-commerce platforms that subsidized products using customers’ prepayment funds, they were dependent on the support of its founder Manjurul Alam Sikder. .

According to the app, Alesha Mart claims to have 50,000 employees, 1.3 million app users and 8,000,000 orders per month and is confident to overcome the cited invisible problem.

At a press conference earlier this year, the founder claimed grants worth several crore taka were being supported by some of the profitable businesses in the Alesha Group, among others.

During the press conference, he pointed out that Alesha Mart had subsidized around 210 crore Tk in six months with non-public sources of funds, generating a turnover of 1,100 crore Tk.

The e-commerce platform also claimed at the time that it had no pending payments to suppliers and after processing 300,000 orders to date, it has only received 10 complaints under the law. on consumer rights, most of which have been settled.

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But, according to the National Directorate for the Protection of Consumer Rights (DNCRP), Alesha Mart recorded the lowest complaint resolution rate at 10%, having resolved only one complaint so far.

Consumers started filing complaints when, like other pyramid ecommerce platforms, Alesha Mart failed to deliver products after taking advances.

Since then, he’s been stuck in the refund loophole, continually promising consumers to refund their money and not follow through. A few weeks earlier, the founder had taken to Facebook to reassure his customers by promising them refunds by January 30 of next year.