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Their redesigned website – which features a new look, designed to appeal to a wider audience – was built alongside their development partners in record time to support the growth and adoption of a new fork of the protocol – Haven 2.0.

Using Edge’s decentralized network, Haven Protocol is ready to embrace the web3 era.

Thanks to Edge Network, a web3 infrastructure powered by its own Blockchain, each line of code is decentralized. Edge is a revolutionary proposition that takes advantage of the available capacity all around us to generate lightning-fast media and server delivery features, among other things, which works against supermassive data centers like Amazon.

This forward-looking aspect of Paradise site embodies web3 in the truest sense of the word; it’s a nod to the possibility of an egalitarian society where businesses no longer have control over the ability to generate wealth on the web. The Edge project team believes wholeheartedly in this future:

Joseph Denne, founder of Edge Network, said:

“There is a huge spare capacity in the devices around us, with the average laptop being used at around 40% of its capacity. Collective use of this ability to drive the web takes power away from the handful of companies that monetize our data day in and day out. Confidentiality is a human right, and web3 guarantees it.

Decentralization aside, the relaunched website – which went live this week – symbolizes Havenmaturity as a technology. While the ethics of privacy and stability basically remain the same, users will notice higher loyalty across the board; in design, branding, UX, functionality and messaging. It’s clear that in addition to Haven’s own maturity, the team also sincerely recognized the maturity of consumers in the crypto and DeFi space.

The Haven Project Team added:

“Haven is bringing privacy to money. True data privacy requires a decentralized network. Edge is to web3 what AWS is to web2. It’s the future of infrastructure, rebuilding the web as it was originally intended to be, with privacy at heart. “

Doxing, anonymity and data security will underpin a new wave of digital human rights, still untouched by governments and global regulators. In such a world, consumers have no choice but to take ownership of their privacy. As it stands, and with improvements and developments as they are, Paradise Protocol is one of the best toolkits they will need to keep their assets safe and free from unwanted scrutiny. And now that they are also taking steps to embrace decentralization, potential investors should find solace. Haven is a proposition that puts into practice what it preaches. And he’s gearing up for more than just a brand and website refresh; it’s gearing up for the next social epoch and a critical progression in how wealth is defined.

Paradise Protocol is the only DeFi crypto ecosystem of private and stable assets. Using Monero’s world-class privacy tools, Haven empowers anyone in the world to take back control of their money.

Haven offers Synthetic USD (xUSD), Bitcoin (xBTC), Gold (xAU), Silver (xAG), and a range of global currencies that can be stored or exchanged in a private Haven Vault. Haven’s mint and burn protocol uses the base currency, XHV, as collateral for assets on the network. All Haven addresses and balances are private by default and can never be seen or tracked by anyone except the owner of the safe.

Edge is the infrastructure of Web3. A peer-to-peer, blockchain-powered network built using the capacity available all around us. It brings the storage and computation of data as close as possible to the need. Run as a DAO, Edge was created to benefit everyone, not just the handful of companies that currently use the cloud.

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