The entry into force of Brexit in the United Kingdom marked the beginning of a transition which began on January 31, 2020.

This meant that the nation ceased to share its rights and obligations as a member state of the European Union, which meant economic ramifications.

The main ones are related to the presence of barriers to the marketing of goods and services within the English-speaking region. According to Company Ltd24ore, this new context has generated a need for companies to adapt. The consultancy suggests being informed and up to date on setting up a business to learn how to sell on Amazon UK.

need to adapt to the new program

Ltd24ore Firm is a business consulting firm. Specialized in assistance to construction companies on line in the UK, USA and other countries in Europe and the worldIts service model is that its customers can legally, quickly and easily operate in these markets while trying to keep operating costs low.

In their work, they integrate administrative, financial and legal aspects so that companies can carry out their activities without any inconvenience. According to him, the new post-Brexit reality includes changes that entrepreneurs must know and understand in order to pursue their projects.One of the most important concerns the payment of VAT and the appearance of import duties.

As far as VAT is concerned, all products marketed on British soil must pay a divisible, whether they come from the European Union or from third countries. According to Ltd24ore, this has affected the cost and handling of imports for those selling through platforms such as Amazon UK.From now on, sellers will first have to manage a VAT number and an Economic Operator Identification and Registration (EORI) number.

import customs declarations

Other steps that must be handled by sellers of products on UK soil are customs declarations for imports. Likewise, they must activate the UK’s Multi-Channel Inventory Logistics, known by the acronym MCI. This will allow multinational Amazon to ship products across the UK.

UK Amazon sellers should review the Manage UK Stock Clearance and Inventory Levels tab. Ltd24ore explains that this is because UK goods will now be separated from European goods.When it comes to environmental standards, safety and health labeling, sellers must obtain a British known as UKCA.

Due to the new regulations in place, Amazon has implemented a resource center. The platform aims to help merchants understand how to sell seamlessly on Amazon UK.However, the Ltd24ore team recommends that entrepreneurs seek comprehensive advice so that there are no surprises in this new context.