Times Radio host Carole Walker has put Ian Blackford in the hot seat over the issue of trade with the UK should Nicola Sturgeon win Scottish independence and bring it into the European Union. In this case, Scotland would technically have to establish an international border with the rest of the UK – just as Northern Ireland is currently doing over Brexit. Ms Walker highlighted the problems Northern Ireland is facing amid opposition to the Irish Sea border control put in place as a result of Brexit.

Ms Walker began by asking Mr Blackford: ‘So how are you going to deal with the border between Scotland and the rest of the UK?’

Ms Walker continued: “We have seen the huge problems that there have been in Northern Ireland in sorting out these arrangements.

“If you joined the European Union, you would be part of the single market. There should be checks on goods as we have seen in the ports of Northern Ireland. What are you going to do?

‘Setting up a border between Scotland and the rest of the UK and carrying out checks to ensure the correct fares are being paid etc. Because that’s what the EU has insisted on, it’ is why we have these huge problems in Northern Ireland.”

Ian Blackford said: ‘But of course Northern Ireland’s problems could have been avoided if the UK government had taken a compromise position, which remained in the single market and the customs union.’

Ms Walker added: “But we are outside the single market in the UK at the moment.”

“Well, I’m trying to answer your question,” Mr Blackford said. “So we all want to see a resolution of the challenges that exist between the UK and the island of Ireland.

“And I hope we can reach a consensus. And let’s not forget that in all this debate, what we are trying to do is to have a referendum based on legal certainty. What we are facing the UK, it is a UK government breaching its international law obligations.”

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