As a little girl, Grandpa B. used to take me to Billie Creak Village in Rockville, IN. It was a small village with a general store, a blacksmith, a candle maker, a pottery maker, a quilt maker, a few cabins, and a one-room schoolhouse. I was obsessed with school.

When we went to visit the village, I wanted to sit in school all day. I pretended to be a student, sitting at a wooden desk, imagining all the other children who might have been in the room.

Or I would pretend to be the teacher and make my grandfather the student. He would play the game for quite a while. Then he would bribe me into going to the general store to buy candy sticks and I would be ready to leave school until my next visit.

Now, as an adult, I have driven by many old schools or churches that are abandoned and dilapidated. I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to renovate one of them and turn it into a home.

Well, someone in Fort Wayne, IN did just that. They were living my dream of living in school. They have since sold the school house to another lucky family.

According to,

The school was built by JF Wing & Co. in 1883 and was called the Cory School, after the man who sold the land to Aboite Township, John Cory. Students attended classes there until 1938.

The report also states that the former owners of the school and the surrounding property purchased the school because their grandfather taught in the one-room schoolhouse. They bought it for love, hoping to preserve it.

The next owners are those who bought the school and turned it into a real masterpiece. All wear damage has been repaired. The couple built on the school and completely renovated every inch of it. Last year the current owners sold it, so we had a look inside.

Let’s take a look, one more time. It’s incredible!

Indiana One Room Schoolhouse Undergoes Incredible Home Renovation

I think renovation owners need to have their own show on HGTV.


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