Nagpur: The District Industries Centers (DIC), responsible for developing plans to promote the region’s exports, are blocked for lack of data. The DICs, which are part of the state industries department, require district data on products exported and imported from the area under their jurisdiction.
However, there is only one official long channel that can get them the information. IDCs should contact the Union Secretary of Commerce through the Secretary of State for Industries, asking him to share the data.
The central government appealed to state governments to advance export promotion initiatives. A model of one district and one product must be adopted, said a source.
The DIC here and in other parts of Vidarbha is also making plans along these lines. For this, basic data on the exim trade is needed to develop plans. Knowing the type of products being imported will also help promote domestic industries making the same items, an official with the DIC said.
The DIC, who contacted the city’s customs office for details, was informed that district data may not be readily available with them. The issue was also discussed during the export conclave organized by the Ministry of Commerce last week at the Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA).
Currently, only consolidated data is available at the Nagpur office of the customs service. This means that exports or imports, even from Gondia or any other district, will also be listed as those from Nagpur, a source said. The Nagpur DIC and its counterparts elsewhere, however, need it to be separate for each district in the region.
Customs officials suggested that the matter be taken up with the Maharashtra government’s secretary of industries, who in turn may contact the union secretary of commerce to share details of the district.
From now on, Maharashtra’s commissioner of industries will write to the trade ministry to obtain the data, a senior DIC official said. Once communication is established, the data can become readily available, the source said.


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