As the pandemic draws to a long-awaited end, we are increasingly witnessing the resurgence of many industries that have been hit hard by this unprecedented phenomenon. The global relocation industry is one such field that has recently embarked on an inspired comeback journey and is expected to become a $33.5 billion juggernaut with a CAGR of 4% by the end of 2022 according to Beroe.Inc, a shopping intelligence company.

While the rapid rise of the industry can be attributed to changing perceptions regarding offshoring, the growth of the industry is also driven by the resilience of its pioneering players to integrate and implement new dynamics into their operations to provide their customers with a hassle-free service and seamless experience.

Here are some innovative customer-centric implementations that are expected to take the relocation industry to new heights in 2022:

Technology Driven Pulse

Modern problems often require modern solutions, which is why technology plays a vital role in the global relocation industry. Web and cloud technology is revolutionizing the relocation business environment. Technology-driven relocation practices provide the entire industry and its operations with several benefits, such as helping to streamline administration, relocation benefits, policy creation, and expense reimbursement. expenses, among others. Additionally, technological advancements allow relocation players to stand out in a highly competitive ecosystem as innovators and technology leaders.

Incorporation of AI

Artificial Intelligence is a digital transformation tool set to revolutionize the relocation space. The use of AI-powered chatbots has made access to relocation services fast and efficient. Customers are now relieved of prolonged phone calls for assistance or resolution of questions; they are assured of rapid and personalized support in the form of highly interactive chatbots. Such technological infusions are invaluable assets to the relocation industry in terms of operations, lowering service costs and less reliance on, at times, a labor-prone workforce. errors.

Many digital payment options

Another gift of technology, the incorporation of digital payments, has revolutionized the relocation industry, making their services accessible to a wider audience. The industry is firmly embracing paperless and cashless concepts, offering a range of secure and seamless digital payment options such as online banking, card transfers, QR scans and UPIs, while alleviating bottlenecks currency bottlenecks.

Transparent pricing

The inclusion of hidden fees during the payment process has hurt relocation companies and their reputations for several years. However, in recent times, ethical companies in the sector have undergone a series of transformations by moving to an instant pricing model in which customers can instantly receive a well-defined quote by entering specific details such as destination, number of items and the nature of the passage. Customers are now only required to pay the amount shown without worrying about additional charges.

Real-time tracking and mobile apps

The widespread industry adoption of real-time tracking provides customers with a plethora of unique mobility solutions. Adaptive technology provides customers with live updates throughout their change process. Users can effortlessly verify the security, volume and exact location of their belongings with just one click.

Relocation companies are constantly leveraging mobile apps to improve their services across different verticals. These apps not only provide a convenient and hassle-free experience for their customers on the go, but also provide users with a wide range of flexible options to book or change their services at their convenience.

Mobile apps have simplified the booking process while allowing customers to be in touch with the relocation company regardless of time zone. With the rise and demand for these innovative services, it delivers excellent value to customers and businesses by fostering a potentially lasting relationship built on trust, goodwill and reliability.

Final Thoughts

2022 represents a year of exciting opportunities to demonstrate the core values ​​of the relocation industry in a time of unprecedented change. With several new additions in the works, it would be logical to say that the industry has a bright future ahead of it. However, it is also paramount that the industry and its players continue to innovate and adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of the post-pandemic world.

(Simon Mason, COO and Chief Revenue Officer, Writer Relocations. Opinions are personal)

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Published on: Saturday 02 April 2022, 21:06 IST

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