With its growing population and demand for shelter, aluminum is one of the products that is gaining popularity in the country.

No matter what type of building structure, it fits into all of them, which makes it lucrative from a business point of view.

Aluminum fabrication comes in different types of frames and fittings. Elements like doors, windows, stairs, handrails, brackets and corridors have become accepted elements in most modern buildings.

This is popular in building and construction due to its environment friendly nature. Apart from what is mentioned, it is also lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant, durable, easy to fabricate, attractive in appearance and easy to maintain making it a popular material for use in modern buildings.

Experts believe that a high-quality aluminum window is a one-time investment even if the budget is a little over the set limit, and homeowners will usually give a passing grade for quality.

Expected profit

The aluminum sector is very profitable for the construction sector, as home builders, urban developers and real estate agents invest in the renovation of houses and this major critical reform increases market shares and footfall in the industry. aluminum on the market. The distribution of foil and the contract you get from these people will determine your profit.

According to a Lagos-based aluminum framing expert, Mr. Bashir Adepoju, he has traveled to virtually every state in the federation to do aluminum fittings for houses of various types.

He says that on one of the trips, he earned 1 million naira as profit, stating that the profit depends on the types of houses, number of windows and possibly doors and other interior aluminum fittings. He states that the business is lucrative and he has trained many people who today are now labor employers.


While you don’t have to go to school before you can get into this business, he says, “You have to learn the breadth of the field from people who are already in the business. One of the things you need to know is the profile of the materials you are buying or selling. Identify local or foreign material, because most of the time it can be difficult to identify them until they are put side by side. »


One of the biggest advantages of the aluminum industry is that it doesn’t require a lot of capital to get started. It all depends on the person. However, you still need a substantial amount to start the business.

Company registration

As is the case with many legal businesses, you must register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission, as well as other government-approved agencies such as tax agencies to avoid business closure.


You should locate your business in an area where you can get materials regularly, this can also help reduce logistics. Although you provide a store to maintain the materials in good condition, it is also necessary that you have specific tools and equipment for cutting aluminum doors and window frames, tracks and rollers.

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