Baghdad ( – The director of the General Grain Trading Company at the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce, Muhammad Hanoun, said on Sunday that Iraq intended to import 1.5 million tons of wheat from the states. United States and Australia this week, according to Al Sabah Journal.

The Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted a statement released by the Ministry of Commerce earlier explaining that the country was moving forward to allocate two million tonnes of wheat as a strategic stock for six months.

Iraqi Agriculture Minister Muhammad Karim Jasim Salih mentioned earlier that Iraq’s wheat stocks are sufficient for local consumption for a period not exceeding three months.

Salih added that Iraq would support the Commerce Ministry to prepare a strategic wheat stockpile by importing three million tons and allocating $100 million for urgent purchase.

As world wheat prices soar due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iraqi farmers say they are paying the price for a government decision to cut irrigation by 50% agricultural areas, according to Ahram Online.

The government took this step to address severe water shortages resulting from high temperatures, drought and continuous water extraction by neighboring countries from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. All of these factors have weighed heavily on wheat production, Ahram Online said.