DRIVERS are urged not to stockpile or panic to purchase gasoline amid growing fears of a nationwide fuel shortage.

Concerned drivers rushed to fill their gas tanks and store fuel in case the pumps ran dry.


Drivers line up at a Sainsbury’s gas station for fear of fuel shortagesCredit: i-Images

Industry experts said there was no shortage of gasoline, but the forecourt
were forced to close due to a shortage of truck drivers.

The government is reportedly set to grant 10,000 temporary foreign worker visas to help ease the truck driver shortage and the fuel crisis.

Some petrol stations have placed a limit of £ 30 on pumps when filling.

We tell you everything you need to know.

Is there a fuel shortage?

Drivers are advised not to panic or stock up on fuel.

According to the latest data, fuel demand is still only 92% of pre-pandemic levels.

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) said this means there should be enough stock at refineries and delivery terminals across the UK.

Gordon Balmer of PRA said: “Cases of full forecourt stockouts have been rare, so the resilience of retail fuels is not in question, which is good news for motorists. “

The problem with the forecourt closures is more a shortage of truck drivers to deliver fuel.

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A gas station manager said 5Live lunch the situation had been going on for “six or seven weeks”.

He said: “At least once a week now we have to turn off the diesel or the unleaded.

“It’s a problem, but it’s not a problem for our fuel suppliers because there is a lot of fuel there.”

Why is there a shortage of drivers?

Although there is a lot of fuel, there are not enough truck drivers to transport it.

Balmer said: “Like many industries, the retail fuel industry is under supply pressure due to a lack of trained heavy truck drivers.”

The PRA said some courtyards are experiencing delivery delays and the problems “appear to be limited to London and the South East and appear to be temporary”.

Rod McKenzie of the Road Haulage Association said BBC breakfast the industry was currently under 100,000 drivers, causing supply problems across the country.

He said drivers were leaving the country due to Brexit, driver training tests had been canceled due to the pandemic and many drivers were retiring creating a “perfect storm”.

The Sun recently launched a campaign to help recruit thousands of truck drivers.

Who is affected?

Business Secretary Grant Shapps said Sky News that only a handful of gas stations had closed.

Some drivers have taken to social media to complain about closed forecourts.

A based in Manchester Twitter The user said his local Shell gas station was closed due to lack of fuel.

Another said that the gas station in his village had been closed one week.

The panic comes after reports that BP and Tesco were forced to close forecourts and fears fuel would be rationed.

There are fears that the military will be called in to drive tankers as part of the government’s contingency plans if the situation worsens.

Supermarkets have issued updates reassuring customers about the fuel supply to its gas stations

Has this ever happened?

The last time the UK experienced severe fuel shortages was in 2000, when protests against rising prices led to many forecourts drying up.

Farmers and truck drivers blocked refineries, meaning fuel could not
be transported to petrol stations.

Gasoline retailers have started rationing their remaining supplies as panicked motorists panicked to stock up and buy.

Schools have closed, the NHS has been placed in a state of emergency and Royal Mail said it only had enough fuel for one more day of deliveries.

Panic shoppers refuel their cars at gas stations as fuel shortage crisis worsens

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