According to a Business Daily report on Monday, November 27, the NLC is acting on behalf of the Kenya Defense Forces who have an interest in the country.

The property forcibly acquired by KDF is estimated at 500 million shillings and intends to convert it to military use.

At the other end of the land claim is a bank that wants to auction the property on a loan of 172 million shillings in default.

It is not yet clear how much the KDF is willing to part ways in exchange for the first pitch.

At this time, we cannot comment further on the value of the compensation until we receive the compensation award letters from the NLC.

“We are convinced that the early completion of the process will greatly contribute to the implementation of the turnaround strategy,“Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed, CEO of Uchumi Supermarkets, answered questions from the media.

The land is adjacent to Wilson Airport and the US government has warned that the package is subject to attack due to a lack of security.

The district court had placed an injunction against any sale or debt collection process concerning the land that was used by the supermarket as collateral.

In the past, the KDF also forcibly acquired land in Kasarani that belonged to Uchumi and established a military camp.

KDF has deployed its equipment and established a camp on the main 20-acre plot in Kasarani.