Kenya’s revenues from exports to Uganda have jumped by more than half after the agreement last April that removed tax barriers for products such as pharmaceuticals, confectionery, juices and spirits.

Trade data compiled by Kenya’s National Bureau of Statistics shows that the value of exports between April and July amounted to 25.97 billion shillings, an increase of 56.64 percent over the average value for the same period of the previous three years.

In early April, Commerce Secretary Betty Maina led a Kenyan delegation to Kampala to find a lasting solution to the intermittent disputes that had seen the two countries impose tariffs and restrict the import of certain goods against the customs union protocol. of the East African Community (EAC). .

The Kenyan delegation, which also met with President Yoweri Museveni, reached an agreement in which Uganda pledged to remove the 13% tariffs it had imposed on Kenyan juices, malt beer and spirits. , as well as a 12% verification tax on pharmaceutical products.

Kenya, on the other hand, agreed to remove the 35 percent tariff it had imposed on gas cylinders from Uganda and increase the import quota for sugar to 90,000 from 11,000. metric tons, among other concessions.

“There are a lot of positive vibes within the EAC that are developing and we want to take this as a way to bring back the EAC that was before,” said Adan Mohamed, the cabinet secretary of business at the EAC. EAC. Daily business.


“At the end of the day, as a government, we are trying to make sure that the environment is right for the private sector to do business.”

Exports during the review period were 63.13% higher than 15.92 billion shillings last year when the flow of goods was affected by Covid-19 protocols, according to KNBS statistics as entered by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Profits were also 49.54% higher to 17.36 billion shillings in 2019 and 57.88% to 16.45 billion shillings the year before.

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