Re “It’s not enough to add more lanes at the border” (April 28): The Customs and Border Protection people, the feds people, are cornering San Diego County. Why is the flow from the United States to Mexico via San Ysidro so much easier and faster than the flow from Mexico to the United States through San Ysidro? Policy. No economy. Not immigration.

Blocking the border does not completely deter malicious individuals from crossing the border. But that limits business – money. In these uncertain times, is it so prudent to restrict the flow of money into San Diego? And it can be measured that thousands of stopped and moving vehicles create as much air pollution as a huge, unregulated coal plant in Moscow.

The Department of Homeland Security should open the border at San Ysidro, Otay Mesa and Tecate – all the way.

John H. Borja
El Cajon

Political theater is costing all American consumers

Re “Texas gov’t repeals order that blocked border” (April 16): Brilliant. Greg Abbott has been governor of Texas since 2015. You would think that in seven years, with routine border crossings by commercial truckers, he would have figured out how it all works.

What he created was a disastrous supply chain, losing hundreds of millions of dollars to rotting products and a shortage of other items needed for American productivity. And now it’s been reported that a billion dollars is being lost a week at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge alone. He says financial pain is a necessary consequence and, again, it is the consumer who pays for political theater and ineffective leadership.

His decision to ship migrants by bus to Washington, DC? Another example of Republicans choosing to incite rather than show insight. What an incredible waste of time, fuel and government messages.

sunny suspender
Edge of the lake

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