Edge AI is an emerging wave of artificial intelligence that has a myriad of potentials.

Edge AI enables its users to perform real-time operations such as data creation, decision and action super-fast and hassle-free. The main spheres that require real-time AI operations are cars and autonomous robots.

Local data processing helps avoid the risk of streaming or storing large chunks of data in the cloud. Edge AI helps protect the privacy of any industry by protecting data.

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Benefits of Edge AI solutions

Edge AI has various advantages. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Edge AI is known for its flexibility. Ranging from growing industry or location specific requirements, from medical monitoring to building energy management, AI-enabled Edge smart devices support different industries and businesses.
  • The highly responsive Edge-based AI works faster in real time compared to the centralized IoT model deployed so far. Understandings and feedback are delivered and processed instantly in the same devices.
  • Edge AI also offers a high level of safety and security. Data disseminated through devices connected to the Internet is vulnerable to breaches and other cybercrimes. With enhanced security features, Edge AI devices help minimize this risk.
  • No special expertise is required to operate devices with AI Edge. The device offers the necessary information automatically on site via graphical interfaces or rich consoles.
  • Another benefit of Edge AI devices is that they provide a great user experience for customers. Location-based services, reorientation of travel plans in case of delay are some of the situations where AI offers its support and extends the company’s brand identity.

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AI applications at the edge

Edge AI is widely used in image analysis. An example of this type of application is real-time recognition of an ever-changing scene based on video streaming, a process that requires high data bandwidth if performed in the cloud.

Edge AI enables limited analysis of the visual scene in different flavors, such as user verification for secure access, instant detection of multiple objects, scene understanding for context analysis, and recognition for l ‘obstacle avoidance.

Another application of edge AI is the analysis of a visual scene in all its elements. An audio scene can be broken down into small parts using deep learning and cutting edge AI. Edge AI can quickly and effectively recognize one sound / voice among many overlapping sounds.

It can detect a baby crying, falling and shattering glass or the screeching of a car wheel from many overlapping voices and sounds.

  • Analysis of inertial / environmental sensors

Inertial and environmental sensors are essential for smart watches, fitness bracelets, smart buildings, homes and factories. State-of-the-art AI helps quickly analyze local situations and provide a rapid response. Here are some examples:

Body monitoring: Wearable devices such as smart watches and fitness bracelets collect and record a lot of data on user’s location, activity, heart rate and real-time health data. This information is useful for keeping track of health, diet, or other necessary activities.

Predictive maintenance in factories: Edge AI sensors attached to a machine can measure its temperature, vibration, and noise levels, which helps detect any anomalies or faults in the system.

Impact of COVID-19 on Edge AI Software Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about drastic changes in the way we do work. There are changes in industries, an economic downturn, massive layoffs and job losses. However, the global advanced artificial intelligence software market has seen a positive impact.

As lockdowns have been imposed in all countries to curb the spread of the virus, the supply chain has come to a halt. This resulted in the shutdown of the manufacturing processes. As manufacturing units went through a drastic downturn, most companies are adopting cutting edge AI software for full automation of work processes to manage the operational flow smoothly. This has contributed to the growth of the advanced AI software market during the pandemic.

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