By Prossy Kisakye

Parliament has authorized Kasanda North MP Patrick Nsamba to reintroduce the National Content Bill 2022.

The bill aims to promote the national policy of Buy Uganda Build Uganda which the government is currently promoting to protect local products from foreign competition.

The National Local Content Bill was introduced in the House in the 10th Legislature by the Member of Parliament for Kassanda County North as a private member’s bill and later passed by the House on May 20, 2020.

However, on August 18, 2020, the Bill was sent back to Parliament, after the President refused to approve it, citing provisions that would put Uganda on a parallel track with the international community.

The President, among others, cited Section 4 of the Bill which mandates a local content entity to give preference to goods manufactured in Uganda as well as services provided by Ugandan entities.

The President noted that the bill conflicts with the East African Monetary Union.

Under Article 13 of the Customs Union Protocol, the EAC Partner States have agreed to remove all existing non-tariff barriers to trade and not to impose new ones.