As part of the cooperation between PetrSU and the Finnish forestry equipment manufacturer Ponsse, a 2nd year student at the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences, Maxim Zhuk is doing an internship this summer on the basis of ‘a division of the company in Pudozh.
Ponsse is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and aftermarket cut-to-length forestry machines. In Russia, the company is represented not only in the territory of Karelia, but also throughout the country, thanks to branches of dealers in each region. There is an official dealer in the Republic of Belarus.

As a student in the “Machines and Technological Equipment” department, Maxim applies with great interest the theoretical knowledge acquired at PetrSU in the Ponsse service center in the Pudozh region of Karelia. Maxim undergoes practical training under the guidance of his father Ruslan Olegovich Zhuk, a service engineer.

Maxim Zhuk said:

I thought I wanted to go to where I would like to work after graduation. Like his father, who has more than 25 years of experience in the repair and maintenance of forestry equipment and is currently an engineer at Ponsse. I decided to practice in the same place where my father works, because in this case I will be able to consult and learn from the experience even outside working hours.

My practice looks like this: in the morning planning meeting, we discuss the fault requests received, establish a work schedule for the current day, find out the location of the machine on which the malfunction has occurred, find the way to the plot, prepare a list of potential spare parts to be repaired, arrive on site to perform repair or routine maintenance work, after which we perform them systematically. It is not easy, given the heat of the forest and the number of insects, but my father, using specific examples, tells about the causes of the dysfunction, the methods to diagnose them, and I try to help him as much as possible by carrying out the tasks he delegates to me.

Often the tasks are simple, but there are also complex ones, for the implementation of which you need experience and qualifications, which I do not yet have. I also learn to carry out a first check of the condition of the machines, to interview operators, to fill in technical documentation, to learn to work with technical applications developed by the Ponsse after-sales service.

Of course, I would like to tell you a few more words about my father. His name is Ruslan, all my life I have absorbed from him the love for various mechanisms and technologies. My dad is the person who can cope with any equipment repair task, you have to give him time and tools, and he himself, without using any prompts, will be able to find and fix the malfunction. .

I myself often stop in front of broken down cars in town or on the freeway to offer help, and more than once I have called my father, simply telling him about the “symptoms. “of the malfunction, after which he very precisely pointed out them could cause this. happen.

My father, in my opinion, is one of the best specialists not only in the field of logging, but also in other specialized equipment that works in Russia, and as pathetic and noisy as it sounds.

I see Ponsse as a future employer for a very large number of advantages. For example, I like the fact that the company creates all the conditions for safe and comfortable work, providing the necessary protective clothing, footwear and service tools. A lot of time is spent on internal training of employees, including in the factory in Finland. There is an opportunity for professional development and salary growth, which is calculated based on work experience in the company and is regularly indexed. There are almost never any unresolved issues.

Ivan Leonidovich Savelyev, head of the separate Ponsse subdivision in Segezha, noted:

We are always happy and open to cooperation between Ponsse and PetrSU! We are always happy to welcome PetrSU students and graduates to our companies, exhibitions, job fairs! This is one of the few examples where, after receiving theoretical knowledge from teachers, you start to apply it in forest practice. Without a doubt, the experience and knowledge that Maxim received from his father will be of use to him both in life and in his further studies, and I hope that after graduating from university he will come to work for us. as a specialist already trained.

Ponsse is a reliable partner of Petrozavodsk State University. The company participates in the career guidance activities of PetrSU, offers students the opportunity to undergo practical training.

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