Blueprint Technologies announced a relationship with Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, to help businesses gain competitive advantages through unified and enriched data, optimized site selection and route planning, and experiences. personalized customer. Specific industries, such as foodservice, retail, oil and gas, and manufacturing, have several high-value business use cases where this combination can impact customers.

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way people think about their dining options, leaving restaurant groups to reassess current locations, research new sites and consider switching to ghost kitchens. By combining Blueprint’s ability to build a real-time unified reporting solution for sales data across location types, franchises, and third-party ordering platforms with Precisely’s site selection solution, Spectrum Spatial, companies will not only be able to understand customers’ buying habits in real time, but they will also be able to enrich this data with demographic data, geo-fencing and competitive analysis to make smarter and more intelligent business decisions. more timely.

When it comes to the energy, oil and gas industries, companies are spending a fortune on overhead as hundreds of employees waste hours a day in trucks traveling hundreds of miles from site to site. the other to perform maintenance. With Precisely’s Location Intelligence solutions, Blueprint can integrate geocoding into a company’s asset and job management systems to automate business processes, make field services more efficient, and save millions of dollars in time and expense. in resources.

Personalization is the holy grail of customer experience. But customers are multidimensional, making it difficult to create individualized customer profiles. They interact online, in-store and through an app. They are included in email campaigns, loyalty programs and sales data systems. Through this partnership, Blueprint can bring together siled and messy data to create customer profiles that include customer tastes, engagement activity by channel, and buying habits. This data can then be enriched with Precisely’s demographic data to help Blueprint provide additional context about each individual customer. Armed with this information, retailers can better personalize their omnichannel marketing and in-store experiences, which increases customer loyalty, sales and promoter net scores.

“Partnering with Precisely is exciting as their products help us unlock a whole new level of value for our customers. Their solutions are incredibly well-aligned with ours to quickly drive business results and then scale to meet any need, especially with our industry-focused solutions,” said Ryan Harter, director of strategic partnerships at Blueprint. “I truly believe that with Precisely’s best-in-class products and Blueprint’s unparalleled ability to deliver digital transformation, we can help our customers achieve what they never thought possible.”

“We are thrilled to work with Blueprint and look forward to adding value to our mutual customers,” said Matt Reaves, Vice President, Channel Sales for the Americas. “Blueprint was able to leverage our Location Intelligence solutions to quickly uncover business insights hidden in complex spatial data. Together, Precisely and Blueprint can deliver significant value to our customers.