Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana (right) and Under Secretary Reynaldo Mapagu (ANP file photos)

MANILA – No statement or “internal investigation” by the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) will ever make up for the two lives lost in the unprovoked anti-personnel mine (APM) attack by Communist terrorists in the city from Masbate last time On June 6, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said on Friday.

“No statement or” internal investigation “will compensate or do true justice for the lives of two exceptional young men, whose bright future flew in an instant as” collateral damage “to their senseless war,” a- he said in a statement.

Lorenzana was referring to the CPP-NPA’s efforts to appease public opinion against the MPA attack that killed Far Eastern University football player Kieth Absalon and his cousin Nolven.

The incident also injured Kieth’s 16-year-old nephew Chrisbin Daniel.

“Rest assured that we will not let this incident be taken in vain. I will ensure that justice is done,” added the head of the DND while condemning the CPP-NPA for causing these unnecessary deaths by the NPAs.

APM planted

Lorenzana rejected the CPP-NPA’s allegations that the incident was a “tactical error” because these explosives were placed there to inflict pain and damage.

“The persistent use of landmines by the CPP-NPA is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, undeniable proof of its total disregard for the safety of innocent civilians,” he added.

The CPP-NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, DND Under Secretary Reynaldo Mapagu said the tragic death of Absalon cousins ​​is emblematic of the crimes against the Filipino people committed by the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG).

“Thousands of people have died at the hands of CTG – our youth, our farmers, our security forces, our local leaders and our indigenous peoples. Thousands more are deceived by these ruthless terrorists, who are determined to undermine the Republic, pitting Filipinos against fellow Filipinos. Worse yet, the CTG has no qualms about harming innocent civilians, women and children. Their lies and their violence are limitless, ”he said.

Mapagu is the head of the Balik-Loob Task Force and the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) and Amnesty Program (EAP) as part of the National Task Force to End Communist Armed Conflicts premises (NTF ELCAC).

Responsibility of managers

“No less than the leaders of the CPP-NPA-NDF (National Democratic Front) must be held responsible for these deplorable crimes which violate international humanitarian law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. the CPP-NPA following the death of the Absalon cousins ​​cannot and will not change anything, ”he added.

He said that the CTG’s false ideology continues to undermine and hinder the nation’s road to peace and progress.

“We take this opportunity to urge the Filipino people, including active members and supporters of the CPP-NPA-NDF, to abandon this treacherous and criminal terrorist group. It is only when we the Filipino people all unite that we can finally end the scourge of CTG, ”he added. The use of MPAs is a violation of international humanitarian law and of the 1997 Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention adopted by the international community, prohibiting the acquisition, production, stockpiling and use of weapons. (ANP)


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