A ‘proud’ father has been given months to live after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Kate Pearce, 27, said it was a “lonely” experience caring for her “proud” father mostly alone as he lost weight and became too tired to eat. Diagnosed with a form of lymphoma at 68, retired firefighter Tony aimed to reach at least his 69th birthday, but died a week before.

Kate said it was “bittersweet” when her best friend was given the green light from the same cancer just a month earlier, but she said it underscored the importance of knowing what symptoms to watch out for. Kate, from Widnes, said: “My dad, I just don’t think he realized how bad it was until it was too late. If you find any lumps or anything, have him checked immediately.”

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She added: “It was pretty hard watching him deteriorate, and he spent his last days at my house, he moved in with me, so it was a shock, but because I knew the inevitable was going to happen. happen, you could cry before it actually passed.”

Kate said she would remember her childhood memories the most of beaches and barbecues in the Isle of Man, where the family moved after her mother’s death. She said she missed their trips to Tony’s favorite pub, the Helter Skelter in Frodsham, and walked around Crosby with the dogs from his dog daycare, which he helped her set up.

On the death of her father, Kate wanted to raise awareness and support Lymphoma Action, a charity which offers advice and support to families in what can be a ‘lonely’ experience. In December 2021, Kate organized a dog walk in Delamere Forest as a fundraiser.

Now she has hit a £500 goal to raise over £2,300 by jumping from a plane at 15,000ft yesterday, Saturday March 26, reaching a speed of around 120mph.

Lymphoma Action Community and Partnerships Manager Sarah Thorn said: “We want to say a huge thank you to Kate. We also want to commend his bravery for taking on this challenge! And for raising such a fantastic sum to support our work.

“In the UK, 53 people are diagnosed with lymphoma every day, making it the most common blood cancer and the most common cancer in people aged 16-25. Our vision is to ensure that no one face lymphoma alone and with people like Kate supporting us, we can move closer to achieving that goal.”

Common symptoms of lymphoma include swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, infections, night sweats, itching, and fever.

For more details on Lymphoma Action, please visit: https://lymphoma-action.org.uk/

You can donate to Kate’s fundraiser here.

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