Fear of needles affects many people and makes getting any form of vaccination much more complicated. To get rid of some of the fear, a robotics startup named Cobionix created the Cobi robot. Said bot can inject the vaccination without using a needle.

Autonomous robots are becoming more common every day. The majority of robots are designed for specialized tasks. Due to their limited functionality, they are expensive and difficult to use outside of this specific industry. Cobionix sought to create a robot that could be used in various situations. The bot, according to Cobionix, can be upgraded and modified to suit a variety of purposes. The company set it up to provide vaccination injections, like the COVID-19 vaccine, to demonstrate its versatility.

In a report from Inceptive Mind, Cobionix co-founder and CEO Tim Lasswell said Cobi is a modular robotic platform that can be quickly deployed to accomplish tasks with 100% battery life. According to Lasswell, Cobi was fitted with needle-free injection technology to demonstrate that patients can receive injections, such as vaccinations, without the need for needles or the help of a healthcare professional.

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HIALEAH, FL – AUG 08: Barbara Dale, a school nurse, prepares a vaccination needle for a child on August 8, 2007 in Hialeah, Florida. The free vaccination is part of the Miami-Dade County Health Department’s program to help children return to school.

Benefits of Cobi Robot’s Needle-Free Function

Cobi has many advantages, said Interesting Engineering. For starters, this could be a cost-effective solution to labor shortages in the healthcare sector. It is also a safer technique for vaccinating people because it does not require human personnel.

Cobi can scan and verify the authenticity of a person’s identity documents. He can then determine the ideal location for the vaccination on the patient’s body.

Cobi’s abilities, however, are not limited to the medical field. The creators of the robot claim that it can be used in the cleantech and hospitality industries. Cobi can be transformed into a brand new robot capable of performing new work with a few minor tweaks and coding changes.

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How the robot works

Only a callous robot without a bedside manner is scarier than a trained medical expert sticking a hypodermic needle deep into your arm. As a result, Gizmodo said Cobi is adopting a less terrifying alternative: a needle-less injection technique that injects the contents of the vaccine deep into the tissues of the arm. How? ‘Or’ What? By using a jet of high pressure fluid a little thicker than a human hair.

Some medical robots, such as those used in surgery, are controlled remotely by real doctors who can be thousands of miles away while monitoring the process via live video broadcasts. On the other hand, Cobi automates the whole process, by first detecting the presence of a patient with cameras and then documenting or identifying it.

A LiDAR sensor in the robot’s hand instantly scans the patient to create a 3D map of their body, which is then evaluated by software to find the optimal location for the injection. The patient is then instructed on how to prepare for the shot through a screen, including where to stand, in what position, and whether or not to remove their clothing.

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