WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3, Episode 1, “Payback,” premiering June 3 on Amazon Prime Video. The end of The boys Season 2 was a major status quo change for the titular team. Hughie Campbell opted to go to work with MP Victoria Neuman, while Billy Butcher and the rest of the team began working with Grace Mallory on supe management. However, unbeknownst to Hughie, Neuman was also super. Now, Amazon Prime Video has released the first three episodes of Season 3. Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of what happened in The boys Season 3, Episode 1, “Refund”.

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The Boys Reveals Season 2 Fallout

The boys Season 3 opens with the premiere of Dawn of the Seven. In the film, Homelander and the rest of the Seven face off against a version of Stormfront, here played by Charlize Theron rather than Aya Cash. The former primarily serves as a PR opportunity for Vought. However, someone from the crowd calls out Neuman, who is there with Hughie, by the name “Nadia”. Homelander is also facing criticism from the press over his relationship with Stormfront.

Later, Butcher meets Hughie in the theater bathroom for a metaphorical pissing contest. He asks Hughie to give him the go-ahead to eliminate a Supe named Termite at an upcoming party. While Hughie says he will have to differ from Neuman, Butcher pushes him to do so. The tense scene ends with pictures of Hughie, but no violence.

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Frenchie and Kimiko end up being the ones going to the party. There they encounter Termite, a supe capable of miniaturizing himself, like Ant-Man. In an extremely gross scene, it shrinks and enters a man’s penis. However, he explodes the man from within when he sneezes.

Frenchie bursts in after the explosion and Termite tries to crawl inside his butt and kill him, in a disturbing realization of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thanus theory. Kimiko attempts to intervene, but Termite gets the better of the two. They eventually arrest him when Butcher walks in and puts Termite in a bag of cocaine, causing him to overdose. Butcher, for his part, chooses not to kill Termite and instead wants to turn it into the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, where Hughie and Neuman work.

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Sometime later, Hughie and Annie January/Starlight talk to Hugh Campbell Sr., played again by Simon Pegg, via video chat. Hughie leaves for work and they bet that Butcher messed up with Termite. Neuman reveals that she is annoyed that she constantly has to apologize for Butcher’s behavior. While at the office, Tony – the man who called Neuman Nadia the night before – comes to the office and claims that Hughie is one of his best friends. Security then escorts him.

Butcher, for his part, goes to visit Mallory, who lives with Ryan in a safe place. There’s some tension, because while Butcher is connecting with Ryan, he pretends he doesn’t want to get too close to him, fearing he’ll mess him up. Mallory, however, reveals that Butcher has been on the right path since last year because of the child.

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As a result of Butcher’s actions, the Bureau indeed loses the ability to investigate Termite, who is sent to rehab. Instead, they are given a number of B-lists, which annoys Hughie. However, Neuman touts the effectiveness of their organization, citing superior collateral damage statistics. As Neuman explains, they succeeded without resorting to violence.

Butcher doesn’t take Termite’s news well. He accuses Hughie of working with Vought and laments that he didn’t kill Termite when he had the chance. A fight breaks out between the two of them over the effectiveness of what they’re doing, and things get pretty personal. The confrontation ends with Hughie walking away.

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The Boys season 3 reveals a new (and old) power struggle

Before an interview with Vought News Network presenter Cameron Coleman, Homelander meets The Deep. The former member of The Seven reveals that after leaving the Church of the Collective, he wrote a book about his experience. His popularity is skyrocketing as a result. The Deep, who remains very sycophantic throughout their interaction, says he still wants to get back to The Seven. However, Homelander soon walks away to do his interview, where he is asked about his relationship with Stormfront. He claims he didn’t know she was a Nazi and makes mistakes because he’s human, which was his main response to the scrutiny of their relationship.

At Seven Tower, Robert Singer, who previously served as U.S. Secretary of Defense, meets with Vought International CEO Stan Edgar. Their conversation reveals that Singer is running for president and people now call him “Dakota Bob”, a reference to his comic book nickname. Edgar soon reveals that there is a new, temporary version of Compound V that gives people powers for 24 hours. He claims that temporary Compound V has side effects, but he does not specify. Instead, Edgar tacitly promises to support Singer if they reach an agreement on the use of this temporary Compound V in the military, but the presidential candidate refuses, disparaging the history, members and reputation. of Vought. RELATED: The Boys: Don’t Assume Homelander Learned Anything From Season 2

Following this meeting, Edgar invites Starlight and Homelander to a meeting, where he reveals that the former has become much more popular than the latter. As a result, he wishes to promote Starlight as co-captain of The Seven. This angers Homelander and Edgar sends him out of the room to convince Starlight to sign up. Yet Starlight remains uncertain and deeply afraid of Homelander’s instability.

Hughie and Starlight later reunite on the set of American Hero, a competition show designed to determine the next member of the Seven. One of the contestants, Supersonic, is Starlight’s ex-boyfriend. Hughie catches them running for the reality show (reality, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean real). They start talking about their past, and there’s still clearly a chemistry between them. Yet after leaving Supersonic, Starlight assures Hughie that there is nothing to worry about.

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It’s here that Starlight presents Edgar’s offer, which would make her the first female co-captain of a super team. Hughie worries about Homelander, and he and Starlight have a small argument. Starlight eventually takes the job, angering Homelander, who continues to bully A-Train while Queen Maeve watches from afar.

It is then The boys confirms that Stormfront is, in fact, alive and living in Homelander’s apartment. However, she is horribly scarred and wired into the life support system. She gives Homelander a handjob, but they argue when the (co-)leader of the Seven says he doesn’t want to lead a master race. Instead, he believes he is the master race. He walks away as Stormfront screams and cries for him to come back.

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“Payback” also provides an update on what happened with team mainstay Marvin/Mother’s Milk. After the events of Season 2, Marvin left The Boys and his sanity is fine. His ex-wife, Monique, is dating someone else, but Marvin is still involved in his daughter’s life. Marvin also has a deep connection to Payback and has been investigating the team members for a long time. Overall, not much happens with Marvin in “Payback,” but it sets the stage for what happens in the next two episodes.

Key alliances come and go on The Boys season 3

After seeing Homelander bullying A-Train, Maeve goes to Butcher’s house, and it is revealed that she leaked information about the supes to him. She then hands him a file on Soldier Boy, a classic hero in the vein of Captain America. While the cover story says Soldier Boy died stopping a nuclear meltdown, Maeve thinks there’s more to the story and he was actually taken away with a weapon they could use against Homelander. . She suggests talking to Crimson Countess or Gunpowder, her ex-teammates from the superhero team Payback. The first was his girlfriend, while the second was his sidekick.

Maeve then gives Butcher three vials of temporary Compound V.

After Maeve leaves, Butcher goes to pour the vials down the drain but hides them when Homelander appears outside her window. The two talk and Homelander tries to get Butcher to give up on Ryan’s location. Butcher refuses, and so Homelander comes up with something different. The leader of the Seven claims that they are both becoming obsolete in a bureaucratic world and wants them to clash, destroying everything around them in the process. Butcher says he wants the same.

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That’s not the only place things are blowing up, though. Outside the Office, Tony confronts Neuman and she pulls him into an alley. Hughie pursues them and Tony expresses his desire to expose an operation called Red River. They fight and Neuman kills Tony. She calls for help, not realizing that Hughie has seen it all.

New episodes of The Boys Season 3 are available to stream Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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