TLDR: Setapp brings together over 200 fantastic, fully verified Mac and iOS apps that users can download, now at almost half the regular price.

If you need an app to edit photos, manage passwords, or track your finances on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, who do you turn to?

If you dive into Apple’s App Store and start looking, there’s a good chance you’ll find an app that could meet your needs. But… did you really do it? Once you’ve downloaded and installed an app, it’s not uncommon to find that it might not do the specific job you were hoping it would – or that it might not do that job very well.

Fly-by-night apps are everywhere now. With a one-year subscription to Setapp ($ 69, 42% off, from TNW Deals), Mac and iOS users can get rid of a lot of the guesswork by finding the app you need.

Dubbed the Spotify of Mac apps by TechCrunch, Setapp is a clearinghouse for only the absolute best apps to facilitate any project you need. Rather than seeing them as a service, think of Setapp as a trusted advisor, deploying a curated collection of over 210 apps that have all been verified and tested to work quickly and correctly.

For one price, you download all the apps you need and you can rest assured that they will be ready for your tasks.

If you want your device to keep running at peak performance, you can get something like Gemini to remove duplicate files, Disk Drill to recover lost data, or CleanMyMac X to free up disk space and speed up your machine.

If you need help with productivity, you can type Dropshare to quickly share any file or folder, or Pagico to manage tasks and projects.

Or install everything you need from all kinds of different categories including developer tools, education, task management, creativity, and more.

Setapp apps are still premium level tools, still free of ads, in-app purchases, or other unwanted stuff that might appear in free versions.

If you’ve never tried it before, you can enjoy 12 months of Setapp service right now on the device of your choice to almost half of its regular price, only $ 69.

Prices are subject to change.

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