Food production in the UK is slowing and some farms are shrinking. Many farmers say they are struggling to cope.

Liz Webster is the chairman of Save British Food and says it’s a dire situation, ‘spinning out of control’.

She represents a growing number of UK farmers who are now calling on the UK to re-enter the single market.

“Trade is tied up with so much red tape. It couldn’t be worse for us. There are two things, yes you are selfish, you are a business. But I also tend to look at it for the whole country and I’m really concerned about food security, food stocks and food supply.”

Webster goes on to say that the quick fix is ​​to free trade “by getting back to the single market as quickly as possible.”

And it’s not just farmers who are changing their minds.

According to the British Polling Council, there has been a marked shift since the 2016 referendum, which they say has accelerated over the past year. 57% of Britons now think Brexit was a mistake.

The wine industry is another that has been significantly affected. Many companies struggle to get wine across the Channel.

Where once it took a few days for a delivery, it can now take months. Many in this sector are frustrated that frontline politicians seem unwilling to debate possible reintegration into the single market.

Ben Wilcock of the Lant Street Wine Company says he’s stunned “they’re not having that conversation right now, there are so many companies that are really struggling. Every day it annoys us… We have to have honest conversations about the customs union and the single market.

While this trend in public opinion has reversed, the negative impact of Britain’s departure from the EU continues to be felt across many sectors.

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