Labor leader Keir Starmer has dropped a key political commitment to end private sector outsourcing in the NHS.

In an interview Thursday night, the Leader of the Opposition was asked if he is keeping the leadership campaign pledge to end private sector involvement in health services.

He replied: “Well listen, there are private arrangements in the NHS and we will probably have to continue with that.”

Its Common Ownership Pledge stated that ‘public services should be in public hands, not profiteering for shareholders’, stating that it would ‘end outsourcing in our NHS’, among other services.


It comes as an NHS doctor has warned that the heatwave and surge in Covid-19 cases in England is causing a ‘nightmare’ for health workers.

Dr Claire Bronze, 38, an A&E consultant in London, expressed concern about the effect the hot weather will have on patients and staff.

She told the PA news agency: ‘In some places people are waiting in A&E for up to two days at a time for a hospital bed.

“There are ambulances queuing to get in; we have seen many Covid cases again, and then there is the heat.










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