I have said in various forums that a man like Sunday Igboho who thrives on violence cannot trust the demand for self-determination, and this has been demonstrated by Sunday Igboho’s call for violence in all his campaigns for the updating of the Republic of Oduduwa. For someone like Sunday Igboho who has absolutely no knowledge of how a state works to demand a Republic as it threatened to attack critical government infrastructure, I immediately understood that he didn’t was not a serious person and that he and his Ilks are seeking renewal of their expired political patronage.

Sunday Igboho’s approach to self-determination is flawed in every way, especially in cases where he has asked Yoruba Obas to buy guns for their youth (and that he will even act as a go-between to ensure supply) by updating the Republic of Oduduwa. At this stage of enlightenment and civilization, it is important to say that weapons are not necessary to demand self-determination. But, Sunday Igboho and his cheer-donors are absolutely naive about this. In fact, those who cheer him on are unaware of the dangers of storing weapons in the hands of a non-state actor, let alone an actor with a serious history of violence like Sunday Igboho.

It is also implied in some quarters that Igboho is making a Nigerian Che Guevara with his actions. It is undoubtedly a product of intellectual laziness. While the guerrilla model and Castro-Che Guevera’s impact on the Cuban state are still under debate, we must recognize that individuals like Igboho are largely ideologically under-equipped compared to people like Che Guevara. In fact, building a state is more than making wars. Moreover, the world of Che Guevaras is now radically different from that of today, all recent attempts to piece together such feats have failed miserably, producing Libyans and Syrians.

However, many might disagree with the invasion of his residence by state security agents, as it is as crass as Sunday Igboho’s approach to self-determination, but I am d ‘opinion that the triumph of Sunday Igboho is not a plus for the popular revolution. The government must act within the bounds of the law by overthrowing him and others like Gumi who pose a serious threat to national security.

I believe that if Sunday Igboho were to be serious with his campaign for the Republic of Oduduwa and not a situation in which he wants to set the country on fire by calling for war, exposing innocent lives to the crude use of force by the government, he did not have a German residence permit among other international passports that the SSS took home during the raid. The implication is that, just like Nnamdi Kanu, he will flee the country immediately after the war and we will then experience something similar to the Old West while he continues his normal life abroad. It’s like what he put the people of Igangan through at the hands of blood-sucking Fulani vampires.

By the time Sunday Igboho started to agitate for the Republic of Oduduwa, associated with the mythical power which he boasts almost every time, I knew that the infamy had been unearthed from the place where she had hibernated. all these years. Those who know the story of Sunday Igboho will readily say that with a man like him leading the call for self-determination, the result is known even before it goes far; placing himself above all known authority while acting oddly.

Okay, there is government failure and there is also the urgency to negotiate our existence, but it could be done without calling for war. Recent events show that British-made Nigeria is on the verge of falling into the abyss of history and Nigerians themselves must design their own homes and live there according to their architecture.

Nigerians are to benefit from a unique approach that will present Nigeria with a new identity of marriage either through unity in diversity as part of a confederation agreement, a Nigeria under true federalism or new fragmented countries emerging from different regions.

Kazeem Olalekan Israel (GANI) writes from Ibadan, Nigeria.

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