It looks like Target is stocking a load of PS5 consoles in their warehouses – could that be for an upcoming Black Friday sale?

Black Friday is always the best time to buy a new console, thanks to the big savings to be made. However, many gamers are concerned about the availability of the console on Black Friday.

This is because there is a huge shortage of consoles right now, which makes PS5s hard to find anywhere in the world.

Thankfully, it looks like Target could have huge PS5 restocking plans for Black Friday if these rumors are correct. That would be huge for players who want to get deals!

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Possible PS5 restocking at Target – Black Friday 2021

Black Friday seems to be huge on the front of next-gen consoles. Walmart’s Black Friday PS5 and Xbox restocking plans have already been disclosed.

Additionally, it looks like retailers are saving PS5, Xbox, and Switch OLED stock for Black Friday. That’s exactly what Target appears to be doing, according to replenishment expert Jake Randall.

Randall revealed in a new tweet that Target’s warehouse had received a load of PS5 consoles. However, Target has yet to ship them.

This could be because Target “is planning a big replenishment near Black Friday,” according to Randall. However, the retailer has yet to confirm any of its plans for Black Friday.

Therefore, you will need to stay tuned for more details on possible restockings.

Additionally, if you don’t want to wait until Black Friday, it looks like there might be another PS5 restock at Target later this week. This could be your last chance to get a PS5 before Black Friday.

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In other news, check out the impressive number of PS5s that have sold so far. This is a major surprise considering how difficult it is to buy a PS5 at the moment.

However, the inventory situation could actually improve in the coming months. Are has acquired a load of chips that will hopefully end the PS5’s stock shortage.

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