VPNs are much more than a “hack” to watch Netflix series only available in the United States. They are indeed, one of the ideal tools to gain safety when browsingwhen you use free public Wi-Fi networks, for example.

Of course, you can browse with the IP of another country, but also encrypt your data and protect yourself from spying by some unreliable applications. And best of all, many of these VPNs have free versions. They are safe, reliable and just a click away for your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile. In fact, they are very easy to set up. We show you a selection so you know which one to choose and start using a VPN now.

If they are free, they are not (so) complete

Setting up a VPN is very simple: you choose a country and a connection to a specific country is automatically generated, emulating the IP of that region. In fact, it is possible to have a VPN installed on your Smart TV.

However, a key fact to keep in mind is that VPNs can reduce speeds by up to 35-40%due to the traffic bridging they generate, routing traffic data over two or more connections, instead of direct forwarding.

To this we must add that not all VPNs are equally reliable: some, as revealed in later surveys, store traffic data, user data, such as the browser you are using and the purpose for which you are accessing. Activity logs stored on a server that at some point may end up being exposed. For this, it is essential to trust the most prestigious VPNs, those approved by the users themselves.

On the other hand, using free VPNs almost always involves limitations, in terms of the amount of data to be transmitted, the speed, some in-app advertisements and others. Unsurprisingly, most free VPNs look like a trial version of the paid “full edition”.

If you want to know more and understand what a VPN connection is, don’t forget to take a look at our dedicated article. You should also know that you can create it on your own Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile from the mobile configuration, from the settings of your Xiaomi phone, in the “connect and share“And don’t forget that if these don’t quite convince you, there are plenty of other VPNs out there, although not all of them are equally reliable.


tunnel bear

We start with a very reliable one, as it is owned by McAfee and is among those with the best press in all of Google Play. TunnelBear only offers 500MB of traffic. So it is a one-time and ready-to-use option. In return, it offers top-notch encryption, servers in six countriesVigilant Mode feature and ability to block any suspicious content if it is detected that there may be a compromise in the connection.

Google Play | Download TunnelBear

Hotspot Shield


Another of the best known. The big “hiccup” about him is that you have to watch ads to unlock 15 minute sessionsbut in exchange, it offers great performance, light weight and many free countries to connect to their IPs.

Google Play | Download Hotspot Shield

Free ProtonVPN


Operating for a decade from Switzerland and with servers in three countries (Japan, United States and the Netherlands), one of the advantages of Proton is to be able to see the occupancy rate of each server, to choose the one that is less congested. Light, without logs, this VPN is one of the most reliable.

Google Play | Download Proton VPN for free

Hide me

To hide

“25 million people worldwide trust Hide.me VPN for its simplicity, incredible speed, privacy, stability and security.” Its creators offer 5 slots (out of 50 available in the paid version), 10 GB of data to transfer and only one device connected simultaneously, something usual. As you can see, lighter restrictions and similar quality service.

Google Play | Download Hide.me

Opera VPN


The Opera browser itself offers an alternative VPN that searches for the most trusted location, in terms of cybersecurity. That is to say, it does not seek so much to hide your location data as to protect your personal files. You cannot choose a country but a region (Europe, Asia or America) but, in return, it is one of the fastest.

Google Play | Download Opera VPN


The rapidity

Another free VPN that stands out for its good performance is Speedify: 2 GB of data per month and no need to create an account, which simplifies the connection to see if there are several devices connected to the same account. It’s fast and has 86 servers in 35 cities in 24 countries. Moreover, its paid version almost always offers juicy promotions, in case you decide to take the plunge.

Google Play | Download Speedify



And we finally say goodbye to that free VPN: Secure offers three free countries, the United States, Singapore and France. The bad news is that French limits the content transferred too much. But it’s, one of the fastest way to surf anonymously and securely on the internet. There is no third party registration or anything similar.

Google Play | Download SecureVPN