Leather is an essential component of many Minecraft items, including books, leather armor, and item frames. It is a material worth storing if possible.

Leather can be obtained through six different methods in Minecraft. It can be obtained as loot by killing certain monsters or as a junk item by fishing. Players can also craft leather from rabbit hides, loot it from loot boxes in structures, and barter it for piglins. Additionally, players can receive leather as gifts from villagers while the Hero of the Village effect is active on them.

Of all these methods, however, looting leather from certain monsters is the best way to get leather consistently.

Getting leather from mobs in Minecraft

A massive cow pen in Minecraft (Image via Reddit user ChosenBrad1322)
A massive cow pen in Minecraft (Image via Reddit user ChosenBrad1322)

Killing mobs that are easy to spawn is the easiest way to get leather consistently in Minecraft.

Cows are the most popular mob for leather looting, as they drop the material with each kill. If players use the plunder enchantment on the weapon they kill cows with, they will be able to earn more leather than they normally would. This method requires quite a few cows, which means players usually have to raise animals in pens or create an entire farm dedicated to slaughtering cows.

Regardless of the method, players using loot should see even higher returns. However, it is important to note that some automated cow farms kill them automatically, so enchantment effects will not be applied. Despite this, automated cow farms tend to produce a large amount of leather simply by remaining active over time (without player intervention).

If players choose to use a simple cow pen, they will want to make sure they have enough food to continue raising cows.

By keeping a large stock of wheat available, players can feed their remaining cows, place them in love mode, and allow them to breed. This should prevent the number of cows from getting too low, thus preventing a player from running out of cows to kill for leather. Some automated farms even include this aspect in their design. They regularly feed the cows before killing them.

At the end of the day, the method of killing the cows is up to the player, and that should ensure they don’t run out of leather anytime soon.

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