Following reports that Ezra Miller is seeking treatment and has hit it off with Warner Bros. Discovery in order to prevent the flash to be scrapped, the studio still has a major problem on its hands even though, miraculously, Miller is kept on the ice. This issue? More details are coming in on their crazy behavior. Or worse yet, more details come in and Miller’s inner circle casts serious doubts on their “handling”. So, of course, that’s exactly what happened in a new exposé of vanity lounge about Miller’s downward spiral, which allegedly involved caring for minors, abusing women, stockpiling weapons and referring to himself as “Jesus and the Devil” while demanding “offerings” at an altar in their home in the Vermont. Good luck to the marketing department of WB Discovery. (Vanity Fair)

Will Olivia Wilde don’t worry darling Will the New York premiere be accepted by mainstream audiences after a week-long hiatus between their pre-release drama? (Lainey gossip)

I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that Pat Sajak is a rampant right winger, but just in case, here he is with Marjorie Taylor Greene. (Unlisted)

Buckingham Palace let Prince Harry wear his military uniform after looking like vengeful goons. (celebrity)

Of Kayleigh:

Of Ciara:

Of Peter:

Of Claudius:

Of james:

On Friday night, Ashton Pittman released a detailed report on what the heck Brett Favre did to get a volleyball stadium built for his daughter’s middle school, and it’s fucking overwhelming. They literally took millions from the Temporary Needy Family Assistance program, which Mississippi is notoriously stingy with giving to needy families. Favre and his alleged conspirators have also left a huge paper trail because they are not master criminals. (Mississippi Free Press)

Kevin Smith Says Harvey Weinstein Holds Dogma hostage. (The envelope)

If you are a big GTA fan, Merry Christmas! (Polygon)

Villain-centric Natalie Zina Walschots Hench is the first book that 1000Oysters have been passionate about for a while. “It hit at the perfect intersection of databases, supervillainy, skill and misanthropy.” What have you wanted everyone to read lately? (The cannonball reads 14)

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