Showtime announced today that Elijah Wood, known for ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, ‘Sin City’, ‘Come to Daddy’ and many other projects, will board Season 2 of ‘Yellowjackets’ in as Walter, a set of “citizen detectives”. to challenge Misty in the upcoming season. It will be a season-long guest arc, suggesting that Walter is going to be quite involved in Misty’s life (something she doesn’t like at all). An exciting conflict awaits you.

(Fun fact: This marks a reunion between Wood and Ricci, who previously worked together on “The Ice Storm,” as well as Wood and Melanie Lynskey, who worked together on “I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore.” . )

It is not yet known what elements of Misty’s past or present will come under increasing scrutiny or if Walter has a connection to this fateful theft, triggering his investigation. As we last saw, adult Misty, however, spent a lot of time imprisoning Taissa’s investigator Jessica, another crash survivor, in her basement. It’s a heartbreaking event because, of course, Misty is untrustworthy, but the first season ends with Jessica seemingly allowed to leave Misty’s capture and leave before taking a puff of a cigarette that Misty poisoned her. Of course, we don’t know if Jessica is alive or not, but the second season will undoubtedly follow these events and who knows what else, given how dangerous we know Misty can be. Walter has his work cut out for him and it’s reasonable to worry about his safety in Season 2.